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Michael Sean Winters: Articoli scritti

Michael Sean Winters ha lavorato come scrittore dei discorsi di varie personalità politiche e sta attualmente completando il suo dottorato in Storia della Chiesa alla Catholic University of America. Ha collaborato e collabora a diverse testate, tra cui The New Republic, the New York Times, Washington Post, Washingtonian, Slate e America. È anche l’autore di Left at the Altar: How the Democrats Lost the Catholics and How the Catholics Can Save the Democrats. (Sinistra all’Altare: come i Democratici hanno perso i cattolici e come i cattolici possono salvare i Democratici) Michael Sean Winters has worked as a speechwriter for top political candidates, and is currently completing his doctorate in Church History at the Catholic University of America. He has written for publications including The New Republic, the New York Times, Washington Post, Washingtonian, Slate, and America. He is the author of Left at the Altar: How the Democrats Lost the Catholics and How the Catholics Can Save the Democrats.


U.S./ Racism on Both Sides of the Mason-Dixon Line

America’s racial problems are not confined to Dixie and they are not merely symbolic: They exist on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line and they are structural. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

US CAMPAIGN/ The Clintons, the Bushes & Queen Anne

Beside the potential conflicts of interest, the conflict of values is also relevant for what it says about a person who is a candidate to become President of the US. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

US POLITICS/ Winters: Dems Need to Oppose TPP & Fast-Track Trade Authority

Today’s GOP faces greater ideological divisions within its ranks than do the Democrats. The one issue that splits the Democrats is now taking center stage: Trade. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

ISRAEL/ Winters: Netanyahu's Somersaults

Netanyahu’s re-election is not conducive to hope for a peaceful settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians, but the turmoil in the region has further reasons. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

CATHOLIC MEDIA/ Winters: Today's Joint Editorial Against Capital Punishment

Four Catholic publications, usually on different sides, yesterday spoke with one voice against the death penalty in the U S. And this is good for the Church underlines MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

US BUDGET PROPOSAL/ Winters: The Tinkerer-in-Chief

President Obama is such a gifted politician at election time, but he seems incapable of putting forth policies that are capable of galvanizing public support. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

POLITICS/ Winters: The Mideast Mess

The coup in Yemen and changes in Saudi Arabia are not easing the very difficult situation in the Middle East and shows the limits of the US policy. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Winters: Perpetrators & Victims, Humans All

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the tragic events in Paris, the words of pope Francis and invites us to think over the dehumanization that killed them all, perpetrators and victims

POLITICS/ Winters: The Cuba Deal

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the announced change in the relations between the US and Cuba, and on the role Pope Francis and Vatican diplomats played in encouraging the negotiations

AFRICA/ Winters: Fighting the Injustice of Land-Grabs

According to Africa Faith & Justice Network land –grab has become a new form of colonialism in many African countries and is seriously harming the local populations. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

SOCIETY/ Ebola & Fear: Two Crippling Diseases

To be sure, Ebola is scary, but nothing good comes from fear. We should be afraid of the moral blindness of our culture of indifference we inhabit and facilitate. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

NOTRE DAME/ Winters: Alliance for Catholic Education

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS describes the work Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education, which is focused on three areas: teaching and learning, executive management, and Catholic identity

MIDDLE EAST/ Winters: Congress, Obama and ISIS

The vote in the House does not start the US down a clear path to any kind of victory. But, it is a step forward, and we should not be afraid to walk down this path. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

SCHOOL/ Review: "Lost Classroom, Lost Community"

In their book Margaret Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett underline the positive effect Catholic schools have on the social capital of the neighborhoods they serve. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

IRAQ/ Winters: The Execution of James Foley

These brave journalists, as James Foley, who cover war zones perform an essential task by forcing us to face the cruelties in the world. Shame on us if we look away. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

WESTERN POLICY/ Winters:The Mideast Crises & Morality

Israel and the West need to be as clever at creating peace as they are at fighting wars and remember that the costs of war are always greater than the costs of peace. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

WORLD WAR I/ Winters: War, Then & Now

People who lived through World War I could not imagine that statesmen in the future would fail to grasp the necessity of avoiding war. A hope that proved illusory. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

US/ Religion & the Founding: Winters' Wrap Up

Too often, secularists have ignored the influence of religion in early Republican America, and Christians have sought to claim the founding as a Christian event. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

SCOTUS/ Winters: About the Hobby Lobby Decision

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the Hobby Lobby case and points out the risk that the Supreme Court's decision, while protecting religious freedom, entails the privatization of religion

IRAQ/ Winters: The US should focus on small victories in the ongoing Iraq crisis

As to MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS the British-created myth of a united Iraq died this week. U.S. policy should aim to stop the killing. That may be the only thing we can reasonably hope to achieve
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