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Fred Kaffenberger: Articoli scritti

Fred Kaffenberger è nato a Kansas City, Missouri, nel 1967 e vive a Olathe nel Kansas, un sobborgo di Kansas City. Ha studiato letteratura inglese alla Fordham University e ha tenuto corsi di scrittura e di letteratura alla Rockhurst University. Ora lavora per una società di software, uno startup in cui gestisce tutti gli aspetti riguardanti la risposta alle esigenze dei clienti. Fred Kaffenberger was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1967, and lives in Olathe, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. He has an M.A. in English literature from Fordham University and has studied secondary pedagogy. Fred has taught classes in writing and Western literature at Rockhurst University, and now he works for a computer software startup, managing all aspects of customer experience.



If education is to be measured by its adherence to reality, then an entrepreneurial approach to education, with its positive approach to change, should be encouraged

Education and Entrepreneurship

Traditional colleges and universities are a curious amalgam of deferred adolescence, generalist certification, and a romantic ideal of education for its own sake

NY ENCOUNTER/ Leopardi: Before the Brink of Nothingness

Leopardi leaves open the great questions of origin and destiny. He does not solve these questions and paradoxes for us, but he is an insistent companion along the road of experience  

NY ENCOUNTER/ A French House in New York City

At The New York Encounter, in the set for The Tidings Brought to Mary, a French house reminds us of the Event which renews and changes everything  

FICTION/ Doctor Who ‘Christmas Carol’: When Half-Spent Was the Night

The 2010 Christmas episode of the Doctor Who series was based on "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens. In this Christmas Carol change is caused by a love for beauty and sorrow at one’s own pettiness  

POETRY/ Galassi’s Translation of Leopardi: Reviews

A new translation of Leopardi into English is a major event, and an invitation to read this great poet. The New York Encounter offers another opportunity to deepen our appreciation for Leopardi  

POPE VISIT/ Renewal of Education Begins with Teachers and Students

On his visit to the UK, by speaking directly to students and to teachers, Pope Benedict turns to the human heart as the engine to renew education

ANGLICANS/ Personal Ordinariates as an Expression of Vatican II Ecumenism

The recent apostolic constitution on Anglicans seeking full communion with the Catholic Church, Anglicanorum Coetibus, has stirred up a wide range of reactions among Catholics, Anglicans, ...

BACK-TO–SCHOOL SPEECH/ Obama after Reagan and Bush Sr.

The back-to-school speech that President Obama issued to students in American schools was new in several ways. It is interesting to compare it with the ones given by Ronald Reagan and George H.W. ...

CHARITY in AMERICA: The Pope’s New Encyclical in the New World

The new encyclical Caritas in Veritate has shown to be very dense and multilayered and has opened a profound discussion in the Catholic community as well.  

USA/ I valori di Obama: più “cattolico” dei suoi critici?

La scorsa settimana il presidente americano ha incontrato i giornalisti che si occupano di questioni religiose. Le sue risposte, come spiega FRED KAFFENBERGER, sono stati per certi versi ...

US/ Obama’s Values: More ‘Catholic’ than His Critics?

On Thursday July 2nd, President Obama met with religion reporters at the White House to answer questions before speaking with Pope Benedict XVI in Italy next Friday. Fred Kaffenberger comments on ...

KANSAS/ È difficile essere un elettore cosciente e informato

KANSAS - FRED KAFFENBERGER - Durante le primarie mi sono coinvolto vivacemente nelle questioni politiche, ma da allora me ne sono disinteressato. Mi sono un po’ stancato di trovare scuse per ...

US Elections/ How difficult it is to be a mature, educated voter

During the primaries I dug into politics with vigor, but since then I've turned away from the political process. I'm a bit tired of making excuses for politicians who are vaguely pro-life in an ...
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