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Gil Troy: Articoli scritti

Gil Troy è professore ordinario di Storia alla McGill University di Montreal, Québec, Canada e membro dello Shalom Hartman Institute di Gerusalemme. Nato nel Queen, New York, Gil ha studiato e si è laureato ad Harvard, dove ha insegnato Storia e Letteratura per due anni. È autore di Perché sono un sionista: Israele, l’identità ebraica e le sfide attuali. La Oxford University Press ha recentemente pubblicato il suo ultimo libro La rivoluzione di Reagan: una breve introduzione. Gil Troy is Full Professor of History at McGill University and a Shalom Hartman Fellow in Jerusalem. Gil is a native of Queens, New York. He received his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard University, where he taught History and Literature for two years. He is the author of Why I Am a Zionist: Israel, Jewish Identity and the Challenges of Today. His latest book The Reagan Revolution: A Very Short Introduction, was recently published by Oxford University Press.


QUEBEC/ Teaching Universalism Through Particularism

Traditions, stories, rituals, beliefs, link individuals to their communities and to enduring values. The state cannot coerce a private institution with a discrete religious identity to teach from ...

TWIN TOWERS/ Four Historical Lessons, Nine Years after 9/11

As still-grieving relatives light their memorial candles, as good people throughout the world mourn the senseless slaughter, it is worth reframing 9/11. It was not a spectacular day of terrorism. ...

GAZA/ A New Phenomenon: Armed “Peace Activists”

Israel – along with Egypt – is blockading Gaza because Gaza is run by theocratic terrorists, who call for Israel’s destruction. True peace will not be attained until both sides trust the power of ...

JERUSALEM/ Celestial and Earthly, but not Stereotypical

According to Professor Gil Troy, despite Israel’s many efforts to reach out to the Christians and Muslims who live in Jerusalem, and despite Israel’s extraordinary record in preserving, ...

ISRAEL at 62/ Hysterical Headlines, Reassuring Realities

No country is perfect, no state ideal. And, of course, Israel makes mistakes that can be criticized. But Israelis and their friends worldwide can take pride in this old-new land’s ...

PAPA/ Io, ebreo, vi spiego perchè la Chiesa ha la forza di rinnovarsi

Secondo GIL TROY, l’analogia tra gli attacchi alla Chiesa cattolica per gli scandali sessuali e la violenza collettiva contro gli ebrei è azzardata. Ma fa emergere la necessità dell’unione nel ...

Delegitimizing Catholicism is no better than delegitimizing Israel

As both a McGill professor and a Jewish community activist I cannot imagine covering up for any colleague who would sin, let alone so outrageously. But I do not believe the evil of priestly child ...
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