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Patrick Deneen: Articoli scritti

Patrick J. Deneen è professore associato di Studi costituzionali nel dipartimento di Scienze politiche all’Università di Notre Dame, in Indiana, dopo essere stato professore associato alla Georgetown University. I suoi interessi comprendono il pensiero politico antico e moderno, la letteratura e politica costituzionalista americane, i rapporti tra religione e politica. E’ autore e curatore di diversi libri, tra cui The Democratic Soul e Redeeming Democracy in America, entrambi usciti nel 2011. Patrick J. Deneen is the David A. Potenziani Memorial Associate Professor of Constitutional Studies in the department of political science at the University of Notre Dame. Before joining Notre Dame he was Associate Professor of Government at Georgetown University. He holds a B.A. in English literature and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Rutgers University. His interests include ancient and modern political thought, American political thought, American constitutionalism literature and politics, religion and politics. He is the author and editor of several books, the latest being The Democratic Soul (ed.), 2011 (University Press of Kentucky) and Redeeming Democracy in America (ed.), 2011 (University Press of Kansas).


DEBATE/ Beyond Wishful Thinking: A Response to Schlueter

In response to what written by Nathan Schlueter in a previous article, PATRICK DENEEN argues that “Natural law liberalism” is a chimera that does not exist in the American tradition

LIBERALISM/ Better than Our Philosophy: A Response to Muñoz

Our Founding principles are not the best invocation against practices like slavery and abortion because they also produce individualism and a view of liberty as the absence of constraint.

EVOLUTION/ Having Kids Who Have Kids

From some surveys, it turns out that one’s religious upbringing (or lack thereof) exercises considerable influence on one’s religion as an adult. But also it turns out that there is a strong ...

CRISES/ The Gulf of Mexico Catastrophe and the Greek Debt Situation: A Common Source?

"Solving for Pattern" means making connections between seemingly separate crises - such as those taking place in Greece and the Gulf of Mexico, ones that are both born of our collective incapacity ...
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