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Edith Bogue: Articoli scritti

Suor Edith Bogue è suora benedettina al monastero di Santa Scolastica di Duluth, Minnesota. Suor Edith è professore associato di Sociologia al College of St. Scholastica, sempre di Duluth. Sr. Edith Bogue is a Benedictine of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, Minnesota. She is an associate professor of sociology and associate director of the Honors program at the College of St. Scholastica.


BOOKS/ Pondering Evil in “Father Sergius” by Tolstoy

In “Father Sergius”, a short story by Lev Tolstoy, the character of Makovkina, a divorcée who “shocks the town”, makes one think deeply about the nature of evil. By Sr. Edith Bogue

SYRIA/ Unpunished or unchanged? The Pope’s response

The response around the world to the call by Pope Francis gave witness to the common feeling that the world could not tolerate the constant proliferation of violence. By Sr. EDITH BOGUE

LETTURE/ L’arte e la scienza del “ritardo”

Saper attendere il momento giusto per decidere, o essere in grado di agire correttamente nel più breve tempo possibile, è un’arte, indagabile, spiega Edith Bogue, dalla scienza

BOOKS/ Wait: The Art and Science of Delay

Frank Partnoy's Wait makes it clear that no one-word approach to decision-making exists, and that the good decisions arise from making maximal use of the time available. By EDITH BOGUE

VATICAN/ Pope Francis and the Way to Change

There is consensus about the fact that Pope Francis will bring change, not in doctrine but in the Vatican bureaucracy, maybe with a step towards subsidiarity. By EDITH BOGUE

WOMEN/ Hormones and Public Office

According to EDITH BOGUE, leadership for either gender requires awareness of the particular frailties and strengths to which they are disposed - the human spirit resides in a physical body

WRITING/ Where did the plague of plagiarism come from?

What begins as an honest search for information may quickly descend into the copy-paste-altar sequence that passes for writing. What about critical thinking and lead to good writing?

INSTRUCTION/ Top 10 Study Tips for Statistics Students

Sister EDITH BOGUE gives her statistics students advice for passing exams. The ten tips, which can be applied to most subjects, include having the right perspective about it all.

EDUCATION/ Some suggestions for facing college costs

EDITH BOGUE gives tips on how to face huge college costs, and how to avoid student loans as much as possible, including taking the right classes and spending wisely.

US/ Thinking about the HHS mandate and health care

EDITH BOGUE discusses the HHS mandate from a broader perspective, commenting on what should and should not be covered by universal health care and Obama’s missed chances.

EDUCATION/ Moneyball: How to Count What Really Counts

EDITH BOGUE uses the example of the film Moneyball to talk about how to count and what really counts in university education. Is it all about getting a job?

US/ Sad Stories of College Students

EDITH BOGUE comments on the sad stories of the end of the semester in college, when students realize that they do not have what it takes to pass. How can we fix the system?

U.S./ Catholic Sisters and the Church

EDITH BOGUE comments on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s doctrinal assessment of the Leadership Council of Women Religious, a group of American nuns.

INTERNET/ Targeted ads? Personalized search? Turns out people don’t want them

Sister EDITH BOGUE writes about how websites collect the data of users and use it to target them with appropriate ads: most people hate it, but most websites do it.

CONSUMERISM/ Can we afford our Gadgets?

Most of the material goods we enjoy are affordable because they have been subsidized. The subsidy here is the donation of labor for wages that do not support a minimally adequate lifestyle.

U.S./ Consequences of Debt

The U. S. is not yet like Greece, but if we don’t find a way to simplify, to consume less, to borrow less, it may be our own future we are seeing as we watch the Greeks take to the streets

U.S./ Farewell to Chicago Theological Seminary

The University of Chicago purchased the buildings of the Chicago Theological Seminary in 2008 and the Milton Friedman Institute will be installed in them, removing the links with the past

MEDIA/ Data Journalism – a new career

Edith Bogue explains a new career of the information age: Data Journalism, what it is, how it is different from statistics, and other career paths connected to it.

US/ Learning to think about budgets

Even with all the buzz in the media, many people do not understand budgets. Sister Edith explains them with the help of videos of Bill Gates and Mary Meeker’s talks.

CAPITALISM/ The Business Model of Life

The advance of business-model capitalist approaches is replacing the efficiency-oriented organization of life with profit-oriented calculations of even the most intimate details of life
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