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Archivio Articoli dell'Autore: Carlo Torniai


BEN COOPER/ "Family Tree: The Roots", il magico mondo di Radical Face

Ben Cooper torna con il secondo album della sua one man band installment, Radical Face. Un disco sull'uomo in viaggio, tra fughe e ritorni. La recensione a cura di CARLO TORNIAI
Carlo Torniai

MUSIC/ Ben Cooper: A journey of runaways and returns

Carlo Torniai reviews Ben Cooper’s new album, Radical Face The Family Tree: The Roots, the first in a trilogy of albums the singer/songwriter is planning.
Carlo Torniai

INTERNET/ Semantic Technology Conference Unveiled the Future of the Web

The excitement was palpable at this years Semantic Technology Conference in downtown San Francisco. The technology is ready for a new, massive wave of information sharing. But while technological ...
Carlo Torniai

MUSIC/ The Explosions in the Sky: 10 years of post-rock celebrated with a tour

The concert at the Hollywood Palladium was a great experience of the incredible capability the Explosions in the Sky have of recreating live the great ambience and feelings of their records.  
Carlo Torniai

SEMANTIC WEB: the evolution of the Web beyond Web 2.0

Currently there is no information in a web page that can, for instance, help a search engine disambiguate between different meanings of words.Now imagine to be able to specify the “meaning” of the ...
Carlo Torniai

LOS ANGELES/ So Long Jacko!

Michael Jackson died Thursday afternoon at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He was 50. His musical adventure started more than 40 years ago.  
Carlo Torniai

MUSIC/ The Decemberists rocked the house at Hollywood Palladium

I was among the hundreds of people who enjoyed the opening night of the new Decemberists tour at the Hollywood Palladium. An incredible performance of the Portland band playing in its full length ...
Carlo Torniai
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