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Elise Matich: Articoli scritti

Elise Matich lives with her husband in Virginia, where she has taught special education in the public school system for the past three years. This fall, she will be transitioning to fulltime motherhood with the birth of her first child. She holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame and a master's degree in education from Old Dominion University.


EDUCATION/ Why It’s Not All About the Kids

ELISE MATICH comments on the maxim, “it’s all about the kids” and how it fails to capture the experience of education, an opportunity for both kids and their teachers and their community. 

HHS MANDATE/ Excused from Prudence: Contraception and the Mother of all Virtues

ELISE MATICH discusses the HHS mandate, and how it challenges the virtue of prudence, which is the mother of all virtues, by exempting people from having to have a prudent lifestyle.

MOVIE/ After Hedonism: A review of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Elise Matich reviews Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, describing the empty detachment of postmodernity, only remnant of the excesses of modernity, that pervades the film.

EDUCATION/ The Art of Reading

Elise Matich talks about the process of learning to read, a process that involves the revelation that signs on a paper represent something real, and that of teaching reading.

EVENTS/ Thoughts on the Headlines

Elise Matich comments on the way that news happening in the world affects our daily lives. How can such events be at once so momentous and so insignificant?

FAMILY/ Men and Women in Post-Family America

With women now holding the majority of American jobs, experts are asking, what is happening to the American man? For Elise Matich, the answer lies in the family, not in the individual.

FEMINISM/ “Woman is a Trimmer”: Perspectives on Modern Motherhood

Elise Matich, a mother, describes different perspectives on motherhood, and on the perennial question of whether a woman must choose between family and career

PREGNANCY/ The Language of Birth

Language plays an important role in the process of having a baby. A new mother describes the words her doctors used to describe the baby in her womb, and how they affected her.    

ROCKWELL/ The Simple Beauty of Realism

Modern criticism objects to realism because it tells a deeply, often unsettlingly familiar story. Yet the risk is to reject the reality itself in the name of the unencumbered freedom of the artist ...

EDUCATION/ Beauty and the Classroom Wall

Beauty has become suspect in the American public education system, where the transience and sterility of the decor are its dominant feature. Unless we welcome beauty into our institutions of ...
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