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Austen Ivereigh: Articoli scritti

Austen Ivereigh è un giornalista e opinionista cattolico che scrive regolarmente per la sezione di The Guardian CiF e di Our Sunday Visitor, ed è il corrispondente europeo per la rivista americana di New York. Il suo ultimo libro è Faithful Citizens: a practical guide to Catholic Social Teaching and community organising (2010). Austen Ivereigh, born in 1966, is a journalist, commentator, and campaigner. He took his doctorate from the University of Oxford in 1993. He has been Deputy Editor of The Tablet, editorial adviser to The Way, and associate editor of Godspy. He currently writes for America magazine's "In All Things" blog, while also contributing regularly to America magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, The Tablet, The Spectator, and others. Mr. Ivereigh also served as Director of Public Affairs for the Archbishop of Westminster.


ENCYCLICAL/ Cardinal Pell backs Laudato Si’ (but you may not guess it from the headlines)

In his remarks about Laudato Si’, Cardinal Pell merely expresses caution about the idea of canonizing a scientific opinion but without criticism of the encyclical. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

GENETICS/ UK Churches speak out against bid to allow ‘three-parent’ embryos

The Church of England and the Catholic Church have issued statements urging MPs to vote against a new genetic technology that critics say is both unethical and unsafe. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Ivereigh: David Cameron’s missed opportunity to agree with Pope Francis

David Cameron may not, contrary to reports, have disagreed with the Pope on the tragic events in Paris. But he anyway missed a terrific opportunity to agree with him. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

SYNOD/ Interim report holds issues in tension while breaking new ground

AUSTEN IVEREIGH (Catholic Voices) comments from Rome on the interim report on the first week of meeting read out on Monday by the synod's Hungarian relator, Cardinal Peter Erdö

SYNOD/ Pope calls for disagreement, openness to Holy Spirit

Pope Francis has opened the synod of bishops, urging its participants to be frank in disagreement but at peace with one another, and above all open to the Holy Spirit. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

SEXUAL ABUSE/ Vatican blasts UN committee over shoddy report

In its response to a report on sexual abuse, the Vatican accuses the UN of intolerance, of abusing its power, and of unacceptable interference in the Church's teachings. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

CHURCH/ Pre-synod jostling points to dynamism of Rome meeting on family

AUSTEN IVEREIGH (Catholic Voices) comments on the discussions prior to the “extraordinary” Synod of Catholic bishops to be hold on 5-19 October in Rome on the family and marriage

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE/ Why gay people don’t feel much like exercising their ‘right’ to marry

The introduction of same-sex marriage has stripped civil marriage of its intrinsic meaning for everyone, gay or heterosexual couples, as statistics are demonstrating. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

STRASBOURG/ No human right to same-sex marriage

Strasbourg has rightly read its human rights charter stating that, while a state has the power to redefine marriage, it cannot create a human right but only recognize it. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

TORTURE/ Ivereigh: Vatican braced for UN repeat attack on abuse (2nd part)

Second part of an article appeared in Catholic Voices before the presentation of the Vatican report on torture. AUSTEN IVEREIGH completes his description of the ideological attack at the UN

TORTURE/ Ivereigh: Vatican braced for UN repeat attack on abuse (1st part)

In this article appeared in Catholic Voices before the presentation of the Vatican report on torture, AUSTEN IVEREIGH highlights the ideological pressure some NGOs are putting on the UN

UK/ IVEREIGH: The state has eviscerated marriage. Society must rebuild it

In the UK, the state has introduced a new, official definition of marriage which is wholly out of keeping with that of society, an ersatz, hollowed-out arrangement. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

UK/ Anglican bishops back Nichols over poverty impact of welfare reforms

Archbishop Nichols’ criticism of the "disgraceful" effects on the poorest of the welfare reforms has been echoed by a large group of Anglican bishops and other clergy. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

THE UN AND THE VATICAN/ Ivereigh: Understanding what went wrong

AUSTEN IVEREIGH, Catholic Voices, analyses the reactions in the Catholic world to the controversial Report which the UN committee on children’s rights recently issued on the Holy See

CHILDREN’S RIGHTS/ How the Holy See was ambushed by a UN kangaroo court

In its report the UN committee on children’s rights betrays an extraordinary misunderstanding of the nature of the Church and the Holy See and a deep ignorance of facts. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

NEW CARDINALS/ Ivereigh: What the Pope’s choice of red hats tell us

The 19 appointments – 16 cardinal electors – point out three issues, which are likely to suggest how Francis wants to shape the future of the College. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

MEDIA/ An imperfect canonisation: Time Magazine on Pope Francis

Pope Francis is TIME’s Person of the Year 2013: an important indication of the impact Pope Francis has had in just nine months, but with a certain lack of perspective. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

MEDIA/ Why western liberal adulation risks obscuring Francis' mission

AUSTEN IVEREIGH analyses the ways western media are approaching Pope Francis’ teaching and highlights the risks that the Pope’s words be distorted and since not correctly understood

CHURCH/ Communion for the remarried: Vatican opens door to reform via annulments

Church teaching on the Eucharist to Catholics who have remarried has been reaffirmed, but the door is opened to widening the grant of annulments. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

POPE/ Ivereigh: Francis calls new-style synod to boost the family

Pope Francis has convened a Synod of Bishops for October 2014 on the theme of the family, including the difficult question of communion and the divorced and remarried. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
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