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Peter Stockland: Articoli scritti

Peter Stockland è il Direttore del Cardus Centre for Cultural Renewal, Ottawa, Canada, un’organizzazione indipendente non-profit che aiuta i canadesi e i loro leader a formarsi una concezione di società civile. Peter Stockland viene dalla Readers’ Digest Magazines Canada Ltd., dove era vice presidente delle riviste di lingua inglese, ed è stato caporedattore della Gazette di Montreal e ha lavorato come giornalista in tutto il Canada. Ha anche una sua società di comunicazione media, Prima Communication a Montreal. Peter Stockland is Director of the Cardus Centre for Cultural Renewal, Ottawa, Canada, an independent, not-for-profit organization that helps Canadians and their leaders shape a vision of civil society. Mr. Stockland comes to the director’s position from Readers’ Digest Magazines Canada Ltd., where he was vice-president of English-language magazines. He is a former editor-in-chief of The Gazette newspaper in Montreal and has worked as a journalist throughout Canada. He also runs his own media relations company, Prima Communication, in Montreal.


CANADA/ Salvation from Medical Suicide

The Supreme Court of British Colombia declared Canada’s law preventing medically delivered suicide unconstitutional. PETER STOCKLAND comments on this decision and its consequences.

CHRISTIANITY/ Beyond the front page

Peter Stockland comments on the outrage surrounding a book with curse words but which is about good, evil and redemption by a Christian author, who wants to inspire kids to read.

CANADA/ Reasonable freedom of religion

Paula Celani is going to court in Montreal to protest being fined for attending an illegal Roman Catholic Mass. Peter Stockland details the situation.

EUTHANASIA/ Stockland: There's no reset button on state-sanctioned killing

Peter Stockland talks about the debates on euthanasia and assisted suicide going on in Canada, and why they may be petering out. States cannot give back the lives they have taken away.

WITNESS/ Love as a knock on the door

David Frank, an aboriginal Canadian, tells us his history, how the love of a solitary knock on the door on the night saved his life  

CANADA/ A warning against acceptance of euthanasia and assisted suicide

Canadians are in danger of sleepwalking toward acceptance of euthanasia and assisted suicide, but a group of leading academics from the country’s top university is doing its best to sound the ...
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