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Archivio Articoli dell'Autore: David Jones


US/ René Girard, Michael Brown Jr. and Ferguson, Missouri

It appears as if the African American community has turned Brown into a martyr and the whites have turned the police officer into a hero. But this way there is no way out. By DAVID JONES
David Jones

US ELECTIONS/ Obama or Romney: the only alternative for a Christian?

DAVID JONES describes the dilemma American Catholics will face in the upcoming presidential elections, focusing on the failures of the Republican candidate. Are different choices possible?
David Jones

US ELECTIONS/ Santorum gains ground

DAVID JONES comments on Rick Santorum’s big week, winning three states and gaining in the polls, and on what could happen next week and in the future of the primary election.
David Jones

US ELECTIONS/ Romney's Electability vs. Santorum's Authenticity

David Jones comments on the current situation in the Republican primaries before South Carolina goes to vote. Is Romney going to win the nomination, or are their alternatives?
David Jones

US ELECTIONS/ Santorum: the surprise of the Iowa caucus

David Jones makes his personal comments on the somewhat surprising result obtained by Rick Santorum in the first Republican caucus in Iowa, versus Mitt Romney, favored in the polls
David Jones

U.S./ Some questions for the GOP candidates

The Republican debates are underway, but candidates are steering clear of the moral issues like abortion and gay marriage. Lieutenant Colonel David Jones asks why.
David Jones

US/ Transforming Culture through Politics?

David Jones discusses the possibilities for the Republican Party in the next Presidential elections. What will happen if they embrace Libertarianism? Who will be the last one standing?
David Jones

The Ground Zero Mosque and Religious Freedom

On the anniversary of 9/11, David Jones, a former Muslim and Iraq veteran, weighs in on the teachings of Islam and the need for dialogue  
David Jones

US Elections/ The soldier David: the way I'll choose between Obama and McCain

For me this election cycle and its many debates and questions concerning how our country should move forward is not something distant or abstract. I am currently preparing to deploy to war
David Jones
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