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Webster Bull: Articoli scritti

Webster Bull è uno scrittore ed editore americano ora impegnato nello scrivere sulla sua esperienza di conversione al cattolicesimo. Le sue opere comprendono, oltre un libro attualmente in preparazione (The Long Walk Home – Il lungo cammino verso casa, il blog "Witness." ( Webster Bull is a former book publisher now engaged in full-time writing about his experience as a Catholic convert. His works include a conversion memoir in progress (The Long Walk Home) and the blog "Witness." (


DAWSON ON NEWMAN/ Webster Bull: Just the Thing to Give Me Courage

Christopher Dawson’s The Spirit of the Oxford Movement is a good start for a better understanding of Newman, the Oxford Movement and their struggle against secularism. By WEBSTER BULL

DAWSON/ The Formation of Christendom: Deeper into History

The reading of Christopher Dawson’s “The Formation of Christendom” leads WEBSTER BULL to some meaningful musings on the relevance of history in Christianity, particularly in Catholicism

MOVIES/ “Black or White” Has More Dimension than I Expected

There is plenty of brokenness and humanity on display on both sides of the racial divide in “Black and White,” and the movie even offers us an angle of grace. By WEBSTER BULL

BOOKS/ Between Stephen King and John, I’ll Take John

Revival starts—and continues for nearly 350 pages—with a whimper. It wanders around desultory and without interest (unless you find King’s narrative voice interesting). By WEBSTER BULL

READING/ Three Books That Add Up to One Autobiography

WEBSTER BULL writes about three books that sum up his lifelong religious pilgrimage, from a lapsed Episcopalian to a long, dry spell in the wilderness, to becoming a Catholic

LIFE/ Take Your Pick: Banquet, Quest, or Pilgrimage

WEBSTER BULL, founder of Memoirs Unlimited, Inc, has been working on his memoir for two years. Here is his report on the lesson he delivered to a group of high school English students

MOVIES/ “Gravity” without God

In the new film “Gravity”, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) hears (and sees) her voice, like a modern Joan of Arc, but Joan lived in an inhabited universe, Ryan is alone. By WEBSTER BULL

WRITERS/ In Praise of Michael O’Brien

WEBSTER BULL reviews the work of Canadian Catholic novelist Michael O’Brien, and the important lessons drawn about the decline of Christian art and the hopes that exist for its resurgence

WRITING/ Advice to the Unwary Memoirist: Leave It Lay

WEBSTER BULL describes the difficult work of writing memoirs. And how friends can help you in doing it. It can be also confusing, and not only when you are young. But there is an antidote

MOVIE/ Can Anna Karenina Be Saved?

WEBSTER BULL comments on the latest American film on Anna Karenina. The Tolstoy novel is based on traditional principles of morality and natural law, and Hollywood has left those behind

JAMES BOND/ “Skyfall”: Yeah, OK, That Was Fun

WEBSTER BULL reviews the latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall”, commenting on the endless series and the undying personage of James himself, now being played by Daniel Craig.

J. K. ROWLING/ This Week’s Best-Seller: The Casual Vacancy

WEBSTER BULL reviews the latest book by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy, commenting on how it lives up to the Harry Potter series in terms of characters and plot.

READING/ Both Flesh and Not: A Beginning

WEBSTER BULL reviews the new book published by David Foster Wallace, Both Flesh and Not, commenting on the experiences of the writer who ultimately killed himself.

READING/ "Ender’s Game": Still Visionary

According to WEBSTER BULL, “Ender’s Game”, the sci-fi tale by Orson Scott Card, remains visionary today as it was when published in 1985, and is appreciated beyond the young-adult market

MOVIE/ “Argo”: Thrilling, Chilling

WEBSTER BULL reviews the movie “Argo”, a historical drama about six US diplomats who escaped the American embassy in Tehran in 1979 before 52 people were taken hostage by fundamentalists.

MOVIE/ “Robot and Frank” Hits Close to Home

WEBSTER BULL comments on the movie “Robot and Frank”, the story of an old man and a robot who become a team, a new Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Is Frank mad or is he the most sane?

GUARDINI/ The mission in “The Lord”, experienced in the Camino

WEBSTER BULL comments on walking the Camino of Santiago de Compostela and on the question of what mission men today would hold dear enough to risk their lives for it.

CAMINO de SANTIAGO/ What Was Left When I Stopped Walking

Webster Bull talks about his returning home after the Camino. What has changed in his life? Apparently, only something at the very margins of the day, but at last that seems enough

GUARDINI/ Lessons and Surprises from The Lord

WEBSTER BULL begins his commentary on Romano Guardini’s The Lord, a beautiful book “of consolation” on Jesus Christ that manages to convey the dogma while being “endlessly surprising”.

SIGRID UNDSET/ Stages on the Road: Better Than Advertised

WEBSTER BULL reviews Sigrid Unset’s essays “Stages on the Road”, about the saints and the stages of the Church, which has been issued recently with a new forward by Elizabeth Scalia.
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