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Jack Smith: Articoli scritti

Jack Smith ha studiato Filosofia al Saint Ignatius Institute dell’Università di San Francisco, dove è nato nel 1969. Attualmente è direttore di Catholic Key, giornale della Diocesi di Kansas City - St. Joseph, nel Missouri, e del relativo blog. In precedenza è stato direttore del Catholic San Francisco, e suoi articoli sono apparsi, tra gli altri, su National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic News Service, Catholic News Agency, Lifenews, Lifesite news. Prima di dedicarsi al giornalismo, Smith si è occupato di campagne di fundraising per la Chiesa in California, per lo stato di Washington e per la Gran Bretagna. Jack Smith was born in San Francisco in 1969. He studied Philosophy and Great Books at the Saint Ignatius Institute of the University of San Francisco. He currently serves as editor of the Catholic Key newspaper and blog of the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph in Missouri. He previously served as editor of Catholic San Francisco under then Archbishop William Levada. Smith's articles have appeared in National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic News Service, Catholic News Agency, Lifenews, Lifesite news and elsewhere. Prior to working in journalism, Smith managed political and capital fundraising campaigns for the Church in California, Washington State and the UK.


U.S./ Archbishop Gomez’ Provocative Entry into the Immigration Debate

Jack Smith discusses Archbishop Gomez’ words on immigration, about how Americans learn only one side of their country’s history and identity and need a new framework for viewing the debate.

U.S./ Illinois Lied about Civil Unions Law – A Lesson for Other States

Bill creating civil unions in Illinois does not exempt Catholic Charities from having to facilitate adoptions to those in civil unions. Jack Smith comments.

U.S./ Carrie Nation, Kathleen Sebelius and Hating Phill Kline

There’s something related in the overwrought desire to forge respectability that might lead someone to take a hatchet to a bottle of bourbon or to destroy the life of a human being

U.S./ A Republican Argument for the DREAM Act

The DREAM act tries to resolve immigration status problems for youngsters who have been raised in the U.S. and view themselves as Americans. Some Republicans are also in favour of the act  

MISSOURI/ A Beatification Cause from Ephesus to Kansas City

Sr. Marie de Mandat-Grancey is regarded by the Church as the Founder of Mary’s House at Ephesus. The cause for her beatification will start next year in Kansas City, this article explains why  

Ninth Circuit Lets Stand San Francisco Condemnation of Catholicism

Court upholds decision that the Catholic Church was wrong in discouraging Church adoption agencies from placing children for adoption by same-sex couples

U.S./ Are Democrats Trying to Kill Immigration Reform?

Recent legislative moves by the Democrats make it appear they have no intention of passing immigration reform, even as they seek to use it as a campaign issue  
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