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Jennifer Bryson: Articoli scritti

Jennifer Bryson è Direttore dello Zephyr Institute di Palo Alto, California. Dal 2009 al 2014 ha diretto il progetto Islam and Civil Society allo Witherspoon Institute di Princeton, New Jersey. E’ anche Distinguished Visiting Professor allo U.S. Army War College di Carlisle. Jennifer Bryson si è laureata in Scienze politiche a Stanford, ha conseguito un master in Storia e un dottorato in Studi arabi e islamici all’Università di Yale. Jennifer Bryson is Director of the Zephyr Institute in Palo Alto, CA. From 2009 - 2014 she was Director of the Islam and Civil Society Project at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, NJ. In 2012-2013 she was a Visiting Professor at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA, where she continues to teach part-time as a Distinguished Visiting Professor. She serves on the Board of Directors of Peace Catalyst International. She has a B.A. from Stanford University in Political Science, an M.A. from Yale University in History, and a Ph.D. from Yale in Arabic and Islamic Studies.


DEBATE/ Does Islamic Theology Matter When Conflict Is (Mostly) Political?

The theological questions of tolerance and intolerance remain vitally important for Muslims. even when secular factors are core components of today’s “mess” of violence By JENNIFER BRYSON

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Need for “Sufficiently Profound Responses” to Religion-Related Violence

In his 2015 report, Heiner Bielefeltd, UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, focuses on “Preventing violence committed in the name of religion.” By JENNIFER BRYSON

RELIGION/ Bryson: Austria’s Troubling Quran Law

Austria’s attempt to mandate a single German translation of the Quran reflects ignorance about Islam and the factors contributing to violent extremism. By JENNIFER BRYSON

EDUCATION/ Stanford, Marriage and Abortion Controversies, and the Mission of a University

JENNIFER BRYSON underlines that trying to silence others because one fears what they might say is no way to learn. And it is no way for a university to be a university

RELIGION/ Love’s Biblical Alternative to Interfaith Dialogue

In our world of diverse and mobile populations, we need meaningful encounters across the full spectrum of religious belief and an authentic interfaith dialogue. By JENNIFER BRYSON

BOOK/ A Radical’s Road out of Islamist Extremism

Radical, by Maajid Nawaz, brings the reader inside the individual human dynamics of one young man’s transition into extremist Islamism and his eventual departure from it. By JENNIFER BRYSON

AFGHANISTAN/ What Fiction Can Tell Us about it

Why are Americans in Afghanistan? People are at the heart of what Americans are doing there. Novels can help understand them and their cultures in all their complexity. By JENNIFER BRYSON

PATHOLOGY OF TERRORISM/ The Triangle in Boston

The interaction of multiple factors can escalate individual and group actions to the point of international terrorism. Complex rather than single causality is the norm. By JENNIFER BRYSON

DEMOCRACY/ Its Promotion Starts at Home, but Doesn’t Stop at Home

Now that the Arab world is ripe for change, our next president must understand the potential of American credibility, constitutionalism and communication in the promotion of democracy abroad

ISLAM/ No Such Thing as a “Muslim World”

In Jakarta President Obama spoke astutely about Muslims, but he engaged in dangerous obfuscation regarding al-Qaeda: in fact these terrorists self-identify as Muslims  
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