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Anthony D'Agostino: Articoli scritti

TJ D’Agostino is an Associate Director for Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Consulting at the University of Notre Dame with special interest in issues of Catholic identity, religious education, public policy and engaging the Latino population in Catholic schools. Prior to working with ACE, T.J. was a high school Religion and English teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. He earned his B.A. and M.Ed. from the University of Notre Dame, and is currently working on a graduate degree in Theology from the University of Notre Dame.


EDUCATION/ Big Idea: A Catholic School Venture Fund

ANTHONY D’AGOSTINO expounds the idea of a Catholic School Growth Fund to invest in Catholic education, replicate successful Catholic school models and spread innovation in Catholic schools

HAITI/ Soul of the Nations: Renewing Catholic Education

TJ D'AGOSTINO describes what Alliance for Catholic Education has done in supporting Haitian Catholic schools, and says that Catholic education serves as the soul of a nation

U.S./ Catholic Identity in our Catholic Schools: A question of leadership (3)

ANTHONY D’AGOSTINO comments on the situation of Catholic schools in America and what is needed structurally to increase quality while preserving Catholic identity.

SCHOOL/ The Technology Revolution and Catholic Education

ANTHONY D’AGOSTINO comments on the increased use of technology in schools and how Catholic schools could use that to their advantage, tempering it with their unique vision.

HAITI/ Educational Rebuilding and Renewal

The University of Notre Dame, Indiana, is contributing to support Haiti’s recovery from the earthquake, aiding to rebuild educational infrastructure in the country  

U.S./ Catholic identity in our Catholic schools: The Need for Quality Standards (2)

When Catholic schools experienced a radical transformation in the make-up of their work force, from 95% vowed-religious in the 60’s to 97% lay today, Catholic identity became a relevant topic  

U.S./ Catholic Identity in our Catholic Schools: The Stakes (1)

Catholic schools are the most effective means of faith formation that the Church has at its disposal, and they can and must be greatly improved in fulfilling their responsibility in this respect  

SCHOOL/ Florida and Indiana leading the revolution?

Two states, Florida and Indiana, are talking about radical school reforms advancing parental choice, and in both cases these changes seem very possible  

U.S./ Fantastic news for Catholic schools in Chicago!

The Archdiocese of Chicago can now boast enrollment growth in the city’s Catholic schools for the first time since the 1960's, thanks to a lot of hard work, strong leadership, and good ideas  

US/ Obama’s Speech to School-Children: A Fundamental Contradiction (2)

President Obama’s “Back to School” speech to American students was appropriate, despite the general controversy surrounding the address. It contained, however, a fundamental contradiction. The ...

US/ Obama’s Speech to School-Children: Worthy of the Controversy? (1)

A September 8 speech by U.S. President, Barack Obama, addressed to American students generated considerable controversy. Accusations before the speech ranged from an inappropriate use of the ...
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