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Rocco Palmo: Articoli scritti

Rocco Palmo, a native of Philadelphia, attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. A former US correspondent for the London-based international Catholic weekly The Tablet, Palmo's served as a church analyst for The New York Times, Associated Press, BBC, NBC, National Public Radio, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and a host of other print and broadcast outlets worldwide. His blog is Whispers in the Loggia.


VATICAN/ Obama Sends "Relief": Retired CRS Chief Tapped as US Holy See Ambassador

President Obama has nominated Ken Hackett – the recently retired president of Catholic Relief Services – as US ambassador to the Holy See. An olive branch to the bishops. By ROCCO PALMO

CHURCH/ In the Conclave, A Question of History: Could Camarillo Hold the Keys?

ROCCO PALMO, The Whispers in the Loggia, speculates about the US presence in the Conclave, particularly about the Cardinals who studied together in the Camarillo campus, California

HOLY SEE/ Cardinals Get Green-Light For Quick Conclave

ROCCO PALMO illustrates the motu proprio of Benedict XVI, which allows to derogate from the usual 15-day waiting period to begin the next Conclave, though under some conditions

CHURCH/ B16's Epiphany Gifts: Rings, Miters and Croziers

Continuing a John Paul II tradition he was initially loath to pick up, this morning again saw the Pope mark Epiphany by ordaining four new bishops. ROCCO PALMO comments on this event

US/ Clergy Chief Gets 3-To-6 for Philly Cover-Up

ROCCO PALMO comments on the sentencing of Msgr William Lynn to a prison term of three to six years for his role in covering up the sex scandal in the Philadelphia Church.

ROME/ Amid Media Meltdown, The Vatican Goes Fox-Hunting

ROCCO PALMO comments on the news that the Vatican Secretariat of State hired Greg Burke, correspondent from Rome to Fox News as a senior communications advisor.

HOLY SEE/ Pope Benedict Taps Philly to Host Next World Family Meeting

Closing the World Meeting of Families in Milan, the Pope announced that Philadelphia will host the 2015 edition. “A gift to the local Church and to the whole nation.”, said Arch Chaput

CHURCH OF ENGLAND/ Sede Vacante, Augustine Edition

ROCCO PALMO comments on theologian Rowan Williams’ retirement from his post as the archbishop of Canterbury at the year’s end, and what it means for the Anglican Church.

HHS MANDATE/ "This Is An American Issue": Bishops "Strongly Unified and Intensely Focused"

The Administrative Committee of the US bishops met to discuss the contentious HHS mandate issued by the Obama administration. Their message reprinted in full here.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS/ Philadelphia: "A Challenging Day For All of Us"

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is going to implement an ambitious restructuring plan of the diocesan schools to meet the increasing tuitions and the consequent reduction in enrollment.

U.S./ Upon This "Rock," An Ordinariate Is Born

On January 1, the Vatican's press bulletin gave official word of the erection of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, encompassing the territory of the United States

U.S./ Fort Worth: Anglicanorum coetibus begins

Rocco Palmo comments on the beginning of the Anglicanorum coetibus, a ground-breaking venture by Pope Benedict XVI to bring Anglicans into communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

CATHOLICS/ In China, "It's a War"

Rocco Palmo comments on the growing coolness between the official Catholic Church of China and the Vatican and on the new bishop appointments done without Vatican approval.

U.S./ At Catholic Relief Services, Hail to the Chief

Rocco Palmo discusses the choice of Carolyn Woo, Chinese American graduate of Purdue and Dean of the Notre Dame Business School, to head Catholic Relief Services.

PHILADELPHIA/ For 100 Years, "The City's Voice"

June 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of the planet's most massive set of playable pipes, the “Wanamaker Organ”, built for the 1904 World's Fair in St Louis and now located in Philadelphia

CHURCH/ At Louvain, the "Green Door" Is Closed

The "Green Door" of the nation's oldest overseas seminary, the American College Louvain, was shut for the last time on Sunday. But another one opens, a pre-theologate in Washington

ISS/ The Pope of the Moon: In Historic Linkup, B16 Talks to Space

Benedict XVI held a live chat with the crew of the International Space Station, asking them questions about seeing the Earth from above, the environment, world peace and the Creator.

BLESSED MARTYR/ In Nazi Germany, "Let Us Be Good With Everyone"

This Sunday, German priest Georg Haefner, who died at Dachau at the hands of the Nazis, but who forgave his killers, was beatified as a martyr for the faith.

LAETARE/ Dome Sweet H.O.M.E.: For Sister Mary, the "Golden Rose"

Sister Mary Scullion and Joan McConnon are the 2011 recipients of the Laetare Medal due to their Project HOME, which has cut Philadelphia’s homeless population in half.

POPE/ "Jesus" Emerges... and B16 "Exonerates" the Jews

The new book on Jesus by the Pope has been called "an important and historic moment for Catholic-Jewish relations" and "a major step forward" by Jewish leaders
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