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Allison Salerno: Articoli scritti

Allison Salerno earned her master's degree in journalism at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She worked for many years as a newspaper writer, editor and editorial writer all over the east coast of the United States. Recently, she switched careers and now is a public high school English teacher, specializing in working with reluctant readers and writers. Her writing can be found at She lives in New Jersey, where she and her husband are raising two sons.


ENCOUNTERS/ Accepting Mercy On the Supermarket Line

We like to think of ourselves as the givers, not the receivers, but we all are in need of mercy, and the lesson on this truth can come from an encounter in a supermarket. By ALLISON SALERNO

WATERS/ Book Review: Don't Bother with "Carsick"

ALLISON SALERNO reviews Carsick, the book where film director John Waters describes his hitchhiking across the United States. But it looks like as a fantasy book more than a real diary

TEACHING/ Odysseus' Lack of Contrition and a Class Full of Disapproving Teens

One would think today's teenagers are unfazed by adultery. Yet the students of a high school class were outraged by Odysseus' infidelities to his loyal wife. By ALLISON SALERNO

LIFE/ A Lesson From the Father in the Elevator and the Grocery Store

An encounter in an elevator in a fitness center and one discovers- more than once – that our life has got to be more than rushing from one place to another. By ALLISON SALERNO

EDUCATION/ School Reformers Can't Destroy the Longing to Learn

The understanding that the best educators teach children not just facts, but also their value and how it finds a place in their souls is essential for any school reform. By ALLISON SALERNO

FAITH/ "On Heaven and Earth": a Pope and a Rabbi

A conversation between then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Rabbi Abraham Skorka, a Conservative Jew, both strong promoters of inter-religious dialogue in Argentina. By Allison Salerno

TWIN TOWERS/ Anger and Sadness from a Survivor's Wife As 9/11 Anniversary Approaches

ALLISON SALERNO, whose husband survived the attack on Tower One, describes how every anniversary she and her family relive the shock of the attack and how this memory is still searing

LOURDES of the EAST/ Feast Day for Our Lady of Good Health (Vailankanni)

ALLISON SALERNO describes the celebration of the feast day of Our Lady of Good Health: Vailankanni, India's most popular Marian shrine. And the day of fast and prayers for Syria

RACISM/ When History Comes Alive: Listening to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., In His Kitchen

ALLISON SALERNO describes her visit to Dr. Martin Luther King's home in Montgomery, Alabama, and the impact of listening to his voice praying God in a difficult moment of his life

TURMOIL IN TURKEY/ A Crafter Shares A Bit of Her Heart

From a site of violence and heartache as Turkey is becoming these days, a message of hope and peace comes from a mother in Ankara and from her work. By ALLISON SALERNO

STRETTO ORCHESTRA/ A "Very Safe Place" for Music

Sherri Anderson's mission is to bring music to children and teens of disparate backgrounds. With this aim the Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1997. By ALLISON SALERNO

THE UNDOCUMENTED/ A movie on the tragedy of immigration

The movie “The Undocumented” dramatically shows how migrants continue to die in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, in an effort to walk into the United States. By ALLISON SALERNO

IN THE AFTERMATH OF BOSTON/ Lessons Relearned By the Wife of a World Trade Center Survivor

ALLISON SALERNO, wife of a survivor of 9/11, reminds us that evil is real, and that love and hope are far more powerful. A lesson to be now relearned in front of the Boston bombings

MOVIE/ "Admission:" From Thoughtful Book to Funny Movie

ALLISON SALERNO comments on the novel “Admission”, that has been adapted to the big screen for a movie of the same name, on the background of the Ivy League college admissions process

BENEDICT/ "The Infancy Narratives:" Compelling Gift from a Pope Emeritus

Reading "The Infancy Narratives" by Pope Benedict makes us understand the heart of the man who worked all his days - and continues to now - to fix our gaze on Christ. ALLISON SALERNO

CAPOTE/ "In Cold Blood": Heartache and Violence

According to ALLISON SALERNO, the Truman Capote's 1966 book on the massacre of the Clutter family still offers a perspective on the violence that saturates so much of American society

LENTEN TALK/ St. Rita of Cascia

The dramatic story of St. Rita is a good introduction to the Lenten journey. St. Rita is called the saint of impossible cases, because nothing is impossible to God. ALLISON SALERNO

MUSIC/ Johnny Cash, Redemption and Me

For ALLISON SALERNO Johnny Cash was a man full of desire, passion, fury and humor. His life can be called a big hot mess, but he realised to be a sinner and sought redemption his whole life

SANDY HOOK/ Amid Lock-Downs, Christ is Coming

ALLISON SALERNO comments on the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school and how  difficult it is to rejoice on Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent, and to look forward to Christmas

NEW JERSEY/ Back to Work After Hurricane Sandy: Signs of Recovery

ALLISON SALERNO describe the situation in her town in New Jersey and the difficulties which still have to be overcome. But the storm has created so many stories worth being recounted
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