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Mariangela Sullivan: Articoli scritti

Mariangela Sullivan holds a B.A. from Yale University, where she wrote her undergraduate thesis on the topic of memory-altering psychotropic drugs and public policy, and a J.D. from the University of Notre Dame Law School. Among her interests in law school were litigation, public service, and governance. A former high school teacher, while in law school she represented juveniles in St. Joseph County Court as a public defender. She is currently clerking for Justice Richard Dollinger of the Supreme Court of New York.


CRISIS/ Snapshot of the American Economic Crash from Rochester, NY

Americans watch their retirement funds dry up and job prospects disappear. Still, many ordinary people are tightening the belt and keeping up hope that times will improve.

U.S./ Increasing Potential for Abuse in American Criminal Justice System

People accused of crimes in the United States these days are faced with a triple- barrel shotgun of reasons to worry: harsher sentences, powerful prosecutors, and abuse.

U.S./ Market Forces Drive the National Plan for Assisted Reproduction

Last month the CDC outlined its new plan for the management of infertility. The plan considers the desires of infertile couples, but dangerously ignores other important risks and goods.

Eggsploitation/ Award-Winning California Documentary Exposes the Infertility Industry’s Ugly ...

Eggsploitation tells the story of a market-driven, multi-billion dollar infertility industry built on the backs of female egg donors, and possiblyu of receivers as wel

THE MEDIA REVOLUTION/The Death of Print Media and Why we Should Mourn

Thinkers thirty years ago warned that TV was an inadequate replacement for the print media. Their warnings have proven true, and the results are particularly dangerous for democracies
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