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Archivio Articoli dell'Autore: Robert John Araujo


RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Fr. Araujo: Indiana’s RFRA Act

The Indiana’s RFRA Act does not impose on the non-believer or someone who adheres to some other faith. It protects the claimant who is exercising a Constitutional right. By Fr. ROBERT ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

RIGHTS OF THE FAMILY/ Fr. Araujo: What is past is prologue… the Synod on the Family

The 1983 Charter of the Rights of the Family demands the careful understanding and appreciation of the participants of the ongoing Synod on the Family. By Fr ROBERT J. ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

HUMAN SEXUALITY/ Fr. Araujo: Bigotry, Discrimination, Teaching, and Catholic Thought

The teachings of the Catholic Church condemn discrimination that is unjust. In fact human civilization and human nature rely on proper, i.e., just, discrimination. By Fr. ROBERT ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

MR. ZMUDA CASE/ 3. A follow up to “Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules”

Mr. Zmuda dismissal should give the opportunity to better understand how the integrity of the Catholic faith intersects our public institutions including the law. By Fr. ROBERT ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

CHURCH AND STATE/ Fr. Araujo: Thomas More and Important, Final Things

Thomas More understood that the dangerous political and social maelstrom in which he lived and died had to do also with human destiny, that is, with final things. By Fr. ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

MEDIA & GOSNELL/ News, Truth, and the Common Good

FR. ROBERT ARAUJO comments on the thunderous and amazing reticence of much of the media in reporting the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his intentional killing of new born babies
Robert John Araujo

POVERTY/ A reflection for Holy Week—Christian faith, the Law, and Peter

Fr. ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO reminds us that we celebrate Holy Week because Christ died for the remission of our sins and we need reformation in this life for we are destined for another one
Robert John Araujo

HOLY SEE/ The Grey Lady’s “Unholy Alliance”

Fr. ROBERT ARAUJO comments on an editorial of The New York Times, which completely distorts the Holy See’s position in the UN Commission on the Status of Women, comparing it to Iran’s
Robert John Araujo

POPE/ The Family of Nations

It is no coincidence that Benedict XVI spoke of the family of nations in his final General Audience exhortation, helping us to chart a course for tomorrow and for thereafter. ROBERT ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

CHURCH/ The Enemy Within (2)

ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO discusses the existence of differing opinions within the Catholic Church on key issues and the role of the Church in politics. This is part two of two.
Robert John Araujo

CHURCH/ The Enemy Within (1)

ROBERT JOHN ARAJUO discusses the existence of differing opinions within the Catholic Church on key issues and the role of the Church in politics. This is part one of two.
Robert John Araujo

POPE IN LEBANON/ A Message to Teachers

After the Pope’s visit to Lebanon, ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO reflects on the relevance of Benedict’s words for teachers, who are to guide students towards greater freedom.
Robert John Araujo

EDUCATION PROCESS/ The University as the Classroom of Life

ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO comments on current higher education, how it focuses on the wrong kind of success, and on gaining consensus, while forgetting about the elements crucial to real success.
Robert John Araujo

U.S./ Religious Liberty is a fact of life--and of citizenship

If we are believers of God and the next life, we are citizens of two cities. ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO comments on this dual citizenship and what it means for politics.       
Robert John Araujo

U.S./ More on JFK and the Issue of Church and State

ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO continues the discussion of John F. Kennedy’s position on the separation of Church and State and what that view would mean for Catholic institutions. 
Robert John Araujo

DOMA/ Equality and the Rule of Law

Robert John Araujo comments on the DOMA, why some argue that it promotes inequality, and on the true nature of equality which takes into account distinctions between people.
Robert John Araujo

EU/ Court of Justice Declaration on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

A ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union declared that the process of removing stem cells from a human embryo, which necessitates death of the embryo, cannot be patented
Robert John Araujo
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