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Caroline Macfarland: Articoli scritti

Caroline has worked at ResPublica since its launch in November 2009. In 2012 she was appointed as Managing Director and looks after the operations, business development, fundraising and communications strategy for the ResPublica Trust, the not-for-profit entity established in July 2011 which undertakes all of ResPublica's domestic activity. Caroline studied Politics and Sociology at the University of York and the University of Copenhagen, where she was active in student politics. Prior to joining ResPublica she worked in communications and public relations. Her interests include mutual and social enterprise, civil society structures, and economic localism.


UK/ Sheep in Other Sheep’s Clothing?

CAROLINE MACFARLAND writes on the need to re-define the centre ground after the end of party conference season in the UK. A central point in the perspective of the next general election

UK/ We Need Renewed Civic Ideals Beyond Party Politics

CAROLINE MACFARLAND discusses the lack of trust in politics that is experienced currently in the UK, and on how to regain that trust and to get people to participate once again.

UK/ Parties Conferences and ResPublica Fringe 2012

CAROLINE MACFARLAND introduces the ResPublica fringe programme at this year's party conferences. 27 fringe events aim to tackle the big issues which face politics and society today

ECONOMY/ What do we want capitalism to do for us?

The Occupy movements are against everything, including capitalism in many cases, but do not provide possible solutions. Caroline Macfarland comments on what capitalism can do for people.
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