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Keith Fournier: Articoli scritti

Deacon Keith A. Fournier is Founder and Chairman of Common Good Foundation and Common Good Alliance. A married Roman Catholic Deacon, he serves as the Director of Adult Faith Formation at St. Stephen, Martyr Parish in Chesapeake, VA. He is also a human rights lawyer and public policy advocate who served as the first and founding Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice in the nineteen nineties. He has long been active at the intersection of faith and culture and currently serves as Special Counsel to Liberty Counsel. He is also the Editor in Chief of Catholic Online.


THE END OF THE YEAR/ Dcn. Fournier: A Christian Reflection on Time

For the Christian, time is a part of the redemptive plan of God. In the Incarnation, the Eternal Word became flesh; breaking into time to transform it from within. By Deacon KEITH FOURNIER

REPUBLICAN TSUNAMI/ Dcn Fournier: We Need a Morally Coherent Presidential Candidate

Dcn KEITH FOURNIER comments on the midterm election in the light of the incoming presidential campaign, and lists his criteria for the choice of a morally coherent presidential candidate

LABOR DAY/ The Dignity of Human Work is Rooted in the Dignity of the Human Person

Labor Day invites us to examine how we view our own labor according to a Catholic vision of work which proclaims the dignity of all human work, no matter what kind

US VICEPRESIDENT/ 2. Romney Goes Bold: Pro-Life Catholic Paul Ryan in his Ticket

Keith Fournier describes the relevance of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church and the position of Paul Ryan - the Republican Vice Presidential candidate - in this respect

SUBSIDIARITY/ Beyond Left and Right: Time for Good Governance

There is little discussion about the principle of subsidiarity in the national political debate, even in Catholic circles. Yet, subsidiarity represents the way towards "good" governance

FORWARD/ Believing Christians are the True Progressives of this Age

What is happening in the West constitutes a clash of worldviews. The positions being espoused and lifestyles being affirmed as "progressive" are turning the clock back on true human progress
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