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Adrian Pabst: Articoli scritti

Adrian Pabst ha studiato economia alla Peterhouse di Cambridge e ha poi conseguito il Master in Studi Europei alla London School of Economics. Ha studiato e lavorato a Parigi, conseguendo la laurea in Scienze Politiche e, in seguito, il diploma in Teologia e Filosofia all'Istituto cattolico di Parigi. Rientrato a Cambridge, si è laureato in Teologia e studi religiosi, completando gli studi nel 2006 con il PhD in Filosofia delle Religioni. Pabst ha insegnato all’Università di Nottingham ed è ora docente di Politica all'Università del Kent e visiting professor presso l’Institut d'Etudes Politiques di Lille, Francia Adrian Pabst studied economics at Peterhouse, Cambridge before moving on to the London School of Economics and Political Science for a Masters in European Studies. He has studied and worked in Paris, gaining an MPhil in Political Thought, and a two-year diploma in Theology and Philosophy at the Institut Catholique de Paris. Back at Cambridge, he obtained an MPhil in Theology and Religious Studies and completed his PhD in Philosophy of Religion in 2006. From 2007 to 2009, he was a temporary lecturer and then a Leverhulme Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. Pabst is now a lecturer in politics at the University of Kent in the UK, and a visiting professor at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lille (Sciences Po), France.


UK/ Miliband pitches for a new centre ground in politics

According to ADRIAN PABST, far from being a variant of top-down state socialism, Miliband’s vision stresses the mutual obligations that both rights and contracts encompass

PUTIN/ Russia's 'alpha-dog' won, but are his days numbered?

ADRIAN PABST comments on Vladimir Putin, the “alpha-dog” of Russia: on his victory in the recent elections, the protests, and what could happen in the future.

PAPA/ Pabst: l’"economia" di Benedetto mette d’accordo cattolici e laici

Per ADRIAN PABST le idee contenute nell'enciclica Caritas in veritate di Benedetto XVI sono un vero e proprio programma (economico, ma non solo) per uscire dalla crisi

BOOK/ The Crisis of Global Capitalism and the Alternative of Civil Economy

ADRIAN PABST on his latest book which, drawing on Benedict XVI’s Caritas in Veritate, argues in rejects capitalism in favour of civil economy, embedded in the institutions of civil society.

RUSSIA/ A crisis of credibility for overconfident old guard

According to Adrian Pabst, Russia's regime faces an unprecedented crisis of legitimacy that can only be overcome by a fundamental transformation that ruling elites are unwilling to deliver

GEOPOLITICS/ Multi-polar Europe loses out in the global shift of power (2)

Through its foreign policy, Turkey is shifting from being a bridge between Europe and Asia to exercising hegemonic influence in the lands that formerly constituted the Ottoman Empire.

GEOPOLITICS/ Multi-polar Europe loses out in the global shift of power (1)

In front of a deeply divided Europe that lacks a strategic outlook, post-Communist Russia, as the successor state to a former global superpower, still has considerable geo-political clout.

CHINA/ No longer immune to the global credit crisis

China might seem immune to contagion, but it is confronted by the risk of an even greater debt crunch than other emerging markets. The main threat is a severe drop-off in external demand.

UK/ Blue Ed, Red Dave and the new politics of preaching

The party conference season in the UK has ended, Religious ideas are shaping the new British politics – but Ed Miliband and David Cameron have different moral visions

CRISIS/ Only an urgent global deal will stave off a depression

Adrian Pabst comments on the downgrading of the US debt, the effects on the stock market, and the rising risk of another global recession if a global deal is not made soon.

CRISIS/ Long-term picture for US economy remains gloomy

Adrian Pabst comments on the recent deal made by the Republicans and Democrats to narrowly avoid defaulting and how it fails to meet the needs of the people and the economy.

THIRD WAY/ A second financial crisis if we don't learn from the last one

Adrian Pabst comments on the current economic situation in the US and the Euro Zone, and how a second economic crash, a possibility given the way things are going, can be avoided.

Eurozone panic is the best reason for a European IMF chief

A European successor to Mr Strauss-Kahn can increase the Fund's legitimacy by getting the job in the Eurozone done, and the West would leave a better legacy instead of a poisoned chalice

ECB/ Mario Draghi: A Saviour for the Eurozone?

A calm and steady hand at the head of the ECB could calm the shockwaves following Strauss-Kahn's resignation from the IMF. Adrian Pabst on the nomination of Mario Draghi to the ECB

G 20/ Global finance still stands on imaginary foundations

The recovery is far from secure and the world economy requires a new financial and monetary system that promotes real investment and growth, instead of debt-financed speculation  

UK/ The 'big society' needs religion

The 'big society' will not work unless it is informed by religious ideas of free and reciprocal giving. The task for a genuinely new politics is to transform state and market according to the ...

CENTRAL ASIA/ A new Great Game as Kyrgyzstan suffers

In the new Great Game, the geo-economics of energy security matters just as much as the geopolitics of territorial control, and we are seeing the rise of old empires and new elites who combine ...

GRAN BRETAGNA/ Così la "Dc" di Cameron e Clegg cambierà l'Europa

Ieri si è insediato un nuovo governo britannico dopo l’alleanza tra Conservatori e Lib-Dem. ADRIAN PABST ci spiega come cambia a questo punto il Regno Unito

U.K./ A Realignment of British and European Politics?

Yesterday a new British government took office that has the potential to change the politics of Britain and the rest of Europe. Here is a first analysis by Adrian Pabst of the possible outcomes.  

Turkey and Russia assemble an ‘axis of outsiders’

With the EU conspicuous by its absence and the US struggling to make progress in Afghanistan or on Israel-Palestine, Russo-Turkish co-operation is filling a growing void in the Caucasus and in the ...
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