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Charles Klamut: Articoli scritti

Fr Charles Klamut is a priest of the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois. He has served as pastor and also as high school chaplain and religion teacher for eight years. He currently serves in campus ministry at St John's Catholic Newman Center at the University of Illinois. Previous publications have appeared in Homiletic and Pastoral Review. A singer-songwriter, has also released a number of music recordings.


IN REMEMBRANCE/ Fr. Klamut: R.I.P. Msgr Lorenzo Albacete

Fr CHARLES KLAMUT remembers his encounters with the late Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, and the relevance they have had in his own life as a priest and as a person

WIZARDLY WISDOM/ What the Church Can Learn From Harry Potter

We need to equip more “Dumbledore’s Armies” for Kingdom advancement through more subsidiarity, disruptive innovation, and creative grassroots Christian start-ups. By Fr. CHARLES KLAMUT

THE TWO RIVERS/ An Old Poet, a New Pope, a Timeless Thirst

Fr. CHARLES KLAMUT ties the two rivers in the Divine Comedy, where the darkness can be forgot and the good remembered, with a homily of Pope Francis about the forgiveness of Jesus

YEAR OF FAITH/ Ani DiFranco, the pope, and humanizing faith

Commentary by Father CHARLES KLAMUT on the current Year of Faith proposed by the Pope, on the “tiny shiny key” we are all looking for, and how to be sure it exists.

EDUCATION/ Teachers on Strike, Questions to be Asked

CHARLES KLAMUT comments on the teacher’s strike in Chicago and about the underlying crisis in the American education system, facing a new form of slavery: ignorance.
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