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Archivio Articoli dell'Autore: William Carroll


EMPIRICAL SCIENCE/William Carrol: Souls Matter

A materialist philosophy that denies the reality of immaterial features of the world is an impoverished view of nature. Without souls, there are no living things. By WILLIAM CARROL
William Carroll

DEBATE/ Religion in the Age of Evolution: Shaking the Pillars?

But the traditional pillars of religion that support a view of God as a Creator, transcendent cause of all that is, remain unshaken by the discoveries of modern science. By WILLIAM CARROL
William Carroll

THE LIMITS OF LIFE/ Carrol: Biology and the Philosophy of Nature

The new and exciting insights into the world which biology offers us need to be integrated into a philosophical perspective that is richer than a reductive materialism. By WILLIAM CARROLL
William Carroll

DEBATE/ Carrol: Illusions of Unity? Mind, Value, and Nature

Is it wrong to study the natural sciences using a metaphysical framework that sees unity in reality? Unity takes many forms, but we cannot conclude that unity is illusory. By WILLIAM CARROL
William Carroll

TECHNOLOGY/ William Carrol: Who Am I? The Building of Bionic Man

The invention of Rex, a bionic man with artificially created organs, helps us see why it is impossible even for the most sophisticated machine to be a human being. By WILLIAM CARROL
William Carroll

DAVOS/ Is Religion Outdated in the Twenty-First Century?

Religion isn’t outdated simply because someone claims we can only know what the natural sciences tell us. Philosophy and theology are the next steps in our search for truth. WILLIAM CARROLL
William Carroll
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