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Jonathan Ghaly: Articoli scritti

Jonathan Ghaly was born in Los Angeles, California, and was raised in Orange County. After having an encounter which changed his life, he attended Franciscan University of Steubenville and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Humanities and Catholic Culture, Theology, and Philosophy. His love for faith and culture was intensified when he became heavily involved in Communion and Liberation after a meeting them in 2006. He is head of Crossroads Cultural Center in Denver, CO, where he lives and works as a real estate professional.


YEAR OF FAITH/ Has faith become obsolete? (4)

Only when Christ becomes something real again for us, as necessary as the air we breathe, will we become new creatures, who live differently, JONATHAN GHALY says in his fourth article

YEAR OF FAITH/ A question for Catholics: What is Faith (3)

As JONATHAN GHALY says, the Pope seems to be steadily insisting on the seemingly surprising fact that faith is not an ethical choice, an orthodox theology, or a set of moral achievements

YEAR OF FAITH/ 'There is something that comes before': What faith is not (2)

JONATHAN GHALY continues his analysis of the several different interpretations of what the “Year of Faith” year means, and what exactly “faith” means. The present threat of Pelagianism

YEAR OF FAITH/ 'There is something that comes before': What faith is not (1)

As the “Year of Faith” recently announced by the Pope begins, there seem to be several different interpretations of what this year means, and what faith means. An analysis by JONATHAN GHALY
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