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Andrea Favata: Articoli scritti

Andrea Favata is currently a freelance journalist who writes on the intersection between faith, politics, and culture. He participates in Communion and Liberation in the U.S.


TWITTER/ Meaning in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter and all forms of social media have the potential to carry messages worth following and deciphering only in a culture that first produces messages worth sharing. By ANDREA FAVATA

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER/ Life as an Adventure of the Heart

ANDREA FAVATA revisits some of the events in the New York Encounter, which show where the innate human longing for justice, peace, mercy and forgiveness can find its mature fulfillment

CULTURE/ 2. Power or Encounter?

Culture is the fruit of an encounter that we can neither grasp nor possess, but we can accept or refuse. ANDREA FAVATA continues his analysis of the meaning of culture for Catholics

CULTURE/ 1. “What has Athens (or New York) to do with Jerusalem?”

The consumptive view of culture—the attempt to possess it or culture as a 'having''' - reduces science and technology to means for possessing reality. The analysis of ANDREA FAVATA

US POLITICS/ 2. The Choice at the Crossroads: God or Power, Being or Nothingness

Here is the second part of ANDREA FAVATA’s analysis of the political situation in the United States, the various fallacies at work in society, and how to get at the truth.

US POLITICS/ 1. The Circumstances and the Hope of Something Better

ANDREA FAVATA comments on the current political situation in the United States, the viewpoint of the Catholic Church, and on how politics can become part of life.
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