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Michael Hanby: Articoli scritti

Dr. Michael Hanby is Assistant Professor of Biotechnology and Culture at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage & Family in Washington. He came to the Institute in 2007 from Baylor University, where he was assistant professor of theology in the Honors College and associate director of the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning. Before that he was Arthur J. Ennis Fellow in the Humanities at Villanova University. Dr. Hanby is author of the 2003 monograph from Routledge, Augustine and Modernity. His new book No God, No Science: Creation, Cosmology, Biology, which re-examines the relationship between theology and science and brings the doctrine of creation into critical engagement with Darwinian biology, is set to be released by Wiley-Blackwell in April 2013.

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