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Archivio Articoli dell'Autore: John Zucchi


QUEBEC/ McGill's rebels without a clear cause

The University's community is in ferment but making it better will require clearer thinking and honest communication. And it will require to discern what we are truly seeking
John Zucchi

MONTREAL/ Attacks that hit home

Sunday, January 16, four synagogues and a Jewish school in Montreal were vandalized. It is not about mere vandalism, it is about hateful, hurtful and insidious criminal acts  
John Zucchi

Facing A Good Death Without Fear

John Zucchi is a professor at McGill University in Montreal. He addressed the Dying with Dignity Special Commission with Dr. Gerald Batist, representing 54 McGill University professors who have ...
John Zucchi

QUEBEC/ Being 'neutral' on religion involves making a choice

Court strikes a blow for common sense and religious freedom in Loyola ruling. The Catholic school and some students’ parents had taken the Quebec’s government to court to overturn the order by the ...
John Zucchi

LETTERA/ Non è un momento felice per dirsi cattolico

"Sono professore alla McGill University di Montreal, Canada, e talvolta attorno a me si chiedono come una persona ragionevole quale io sono possa ancora credere oggi". Riceviamo e pubblichiamo una ...
John Zucchi

JOHN ZUCCHI / Why I am a Catholic

To say the least, this is not a particularly felicitous moment to declare oneself a Catholic, not in my circles, in any case. But I remain Catholic because of reason and humanity. And of a real ...
John Zucchi

CANADA / Dark lessons from our history should make us wary of euthanasia

In February, Quebec began public hearings on the question of euthanasia. Like sterilization in the 1930s, euthanasia is a technical response to a problem that is much more complex. A complex ...
John Zucchi

CANADA/ Nazi and AIDS: a rabid attack on Benedict XVI

I was very disturbed by a vitriolic, rabid, rambling and certainly illogical editorial piece attacking the Pope Benedict XVI on Williamson and AIDS.
John Zucchi

QUEBEC/ L'ora di religione sostituita dall'insegnamento dell'etica di Stato

In Unione Sovietica l'ateismo scientifico era materia imposta nell'orario scolastico. Un regime totalitario tramontato proprio a causa dei suoi rigidi dettami. L'ideologia relativista moderna ...
John Zucchi
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