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Lorena Papamanci: Articoli scritti

Lorena is a Senior Researcher, co-ordinating events and research projects across all three of ResPublica's core workstreams. She currently focuses on labour market reform, including programmes and campaigns on education and skills. Lorena leads on our organisation's work on social exclusion, with projects in the pipeline on immigration, affordable housing, poverty, loneliness, small businesses and deprived communities.


UK/ Help To Build...Voter Support by 2015

British voters have increasingly named housing as the top concern deciding their vote for 2015. ResPublica's LORENA PAPAMANCI responds to Labour's new housing strategy

LIVING WAGE/ Making sure work pays

Poverty is costly for the Government. The Living Wage would insure greater financial independence for those on low pay and provide them with greater incentives to work. By LORENA PAPAMANCI

UK/ Labour’s ‘Apprentice Tax’ Will Harm the Labour Market

ResPublica’s LORENA PAPAMANCI explains why Ed Miliband’s proposal to reduce non-EU immigration is not likely to succeed and risks failing both the Labour party and the labour market itself

UK/ Between debt and financial exclusion - Payday loans: the lesser of two evils

The debate hosted by ResPublica at the Lib-Dem conference showed that when properly regulated, payday loans represent viable credit solutions for the low-paid. By LORENA PAPAMANCI

POVERTY/ What does it really mean and how can it be measured?

What definition of poverty should be considered to increase welfare policy efficiency? Welfare measure must tackle its multiple levels, lest it should fail, argues LORENA PAPAMANCI
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