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Christopher Tollefsen: Articoli scritti

Christopher Tollefsen vive a Columbia, nel South Carolina. Attualmente è professore associato di filosofia morale presso l'Università del South Carolina e direttore del "graduate program" della facoltà di Filosofia presso lo stesso ateneo. Ha realizzato numerose pubblicazioni di tema bioetico su diverse riviste di scienza e filosofia americane ed europee. Inoltre è autore dei volumi "Ricerche Biomediche e oltre" e "Embryo, una difesa della vita umana" volume dalle tesi antiabortiste e pro life realizzato insieme al professor Robert P. George. Christopher O. Tollefsen is Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina and a senior fellow of the Witherspoon Institute. His latest book, co-authored with Robert P. George, is Embryo: A Defense of Human Life (Doubleday, 2008). Tollefsen sits on the editorial board of Public Discourse.


CATHOLICISM/ Tollefsen: God, Death, and Capital Punishment

It is philosophically and theologically defensible for Catholics to believe that the death penalty is intrinsically wrong. A debate on capital punishment. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLRFSEN

HUMAN BEINGS/ Tollefsen:Science and the Embryo

Science does not need to wait on philosophy’s pronouncements about what the human embryo is. Science has settled the question of when a human being's life begins. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN

ABORTION/ Tollefsen: A Public Issue

Contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court, abortion is not a private issue. It snuffs out the existence of a member of the human community, a person like us. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN

SCHOOL/ Tollefsen: Allison Benedikt's Immodest Proposal

A rant against private schools should teach all of us something about the purposes of education, and what responsible parents should seek for their children. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN

NATURAL RIGHTS/ Gosnell, Law, and Modest First Steps

The Gosnell case shows us that a society’s laws teach: if they teach a lesson of injustice they will corrupt its people over time. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN

WARFARE/ The Abiding Significance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

This August marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but Americans must still wrestle with what it means to take the lives of innocent civilians ...

U.S./ Healthcare, Abortion, and the Call of Conscience

Under the new health-care law, pro-lifers may have to accept inferior health plans, rather than wrongly pay into abortion providing ones  

IMMIGRATION/ Common Identity, Self-Governance and Generous Neighborliness

Three issues—the right to secure borders, the moral costs of illegal immigration, and the virtues of generous neighborliness and forgiveness—must be clarified in order to address the problems of ...

EDUCATION / Is Home Schooling Harmful?

Despite its growing acceptance in the United States, homeschooling continues to come under attack by critics, who need to be tutored about the nature of education and the family.  
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