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Sharon Mollerus: Articoli scritti

Sharon Mollerus è nata in California nel 1957 e vive a Duluth, Minnesota, dove si occupa anche dei suoi nipoti. Ha una laurea in filosofia e un master in letteratura comparata. Ha insegnato letteratura e scrittura alla San Diego State University e al College of St. Scholastica, Duluth. Oltre che scrivere, tiene un blog, con particolare interesse per la fotografia. Sharon Mollerus was born near San Francisco, California in 1957. She currently lives in Duluth, Minnesota and provides daycare for her grandchildren. She has a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Comparative Literature (emphasis French) and has taught courses in literature and writing at San Diego State University and The College of St. Scholastica, Duluth. Sharon has been an entrepreneur in a word-processing business and later an online store. She blogs, writes, travels and has a particular interest in photography.


SCUOLA/ Stati Uniti, le emozioni si prendono la "rivincita" sui test

Al New York Encounter si è parlato del ruolo fondamentale dell’educazione per la società, come costruzione di rapporti tra persone e condivisione di valori e fiducia. SHARON MOLLERUS

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2014/ From “I” to “We”: The Time of the Person. The Origins of a People

Fr. Carron and Fr. Cameron describe as Christians are people changed by the Event, no longer alone in their relationship with reality. By SHARON MOLLERUS

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2014 / Fr. Samir: Hoping against Hope in the Middle East

Fr. Samir Khalil Samir, in his talk at the NEW, spoke about the possibility, and hope, to build an open society in Islamic countries, Christians and Muslims together. By SHARON MOLLERUS

NY ENCOUNTER 2014 / Lost: A post-Newtown discussion on education as building relationships

Schools, with families, are the only institutions charged with preparing kids for society, and building relationships is key. But teachers are not taught to this task. By SHARON MOLLERUS

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2014/ The Opening: "Life Belongs to Something Greater"

SHARON MOLLERUS reports on the opening evening of the New York Encounter focused on the introduction to its theme: "From `I' to `We': The Time of the Person. The Origins of a People."

MOVIE/ GRAVITY: A rediscovery of Earth

Through the gorgeous cinematography, the film “Gravity” puts the central question of what happens to us and our life when we are detached from our center of gravity. By SHARON MOLLERUS

LA STRADA/ The Fellini film which is a favourite of Pope Francis

Federico Fellini's 1954 Oscar-winning film, La Strada, a favourite of Pope Francis, is a parable of the human condition of sin, need and hope, and final redemption. By SHARON MOLLERUS

Breaking Bad / A story of the "banality of evil" and its effects

In its long-awaited conclusion, Emmy-winning TV series Breaking Bad plays out the sequence of events set in motion by the nice guy turned evil genius. By SHARON MOLLERUS

MOVIES/ The Great Gatsby: A desire beyond everything

The latest film version of The Great Gatsby portrays a pinnacle of success alongside an abyss of longing, from novel which continues to fascinate directors and audiences. By SHARON MOLLERUS

MOVIES/ Lost and Found: An Adoption Story

The 2007 movie Then She Found Me is a thoughtful story about adoption but it is also about the unpredictability of life and of God who watches over all. By SHARON MOLLERUS

SOLUZIONI SECONDA PROVA MATURITA' 2013/ Liceo linguistico: svolgimento della traccia di ...

Ecco lo svolgimento relativo al tema di lingua inglese per i licei linguistici, svolto da Sharon Mollerus. Le risposte alle domande relative al Grande Gatsby e ai "lovelocks" di Parigi

ABORTO/ La legge sul "battito del cuore" fa arrabbiare (molto) i nemici della vita

Il Nord Dakota ha approvato una legge, detta del “battito del cuore”, che limita l’aborto, affiancandosi così ad altri stati nella protezione della vita del feto. SHARON MOLLERUS

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK/ Happiness based on luck is unstable

SHARON MOLLERUS comments on Silver Linings Playback . If there is anything required in overcoming mental illness, it is a sober and committed approach to reality.

US/ Immigration Reform Risks to Fail, Again

SHARON MOLLERUS describes the present situation of the bipartisan attempts at reforming the immigration laws, as called for by the Catholic bishops and many other religious leaders

ABORTO/ Kermit Gosnell, il "macellaio di bambini" che smaschera Obama

Il processo al medico abortista Kermit Gosnell sta rivelando le terribile pratiche con cui vengono eseguiti gli aborti oltre il termine negli Stati Uniti. SHARON MOLLERUS

MEDAL OF HONOR/ Fr. Kapaun: A hero in the Korean war, a Servant of God in the Church

Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun has been awarded the Medal of Honor for his extraordinary heroism in the Korean war. Taken prisoner by the Chinese, he died in captivity in 1951. By SHARON MOLLERUS

Gosnell/ In a Philadelphia clinic, late-term abortions were not "safe, legal or rare"

The murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell has unveiled the horrific practices of a late-term abortion clinic which were ignored by health authorities and the media until recently

US/ The “Sequestration” Hits Education Hard

It is too early to predict the exact effect of the sequestration on any particular federal program, but the cuts are expected to take a heavy toll on education. By SHARON MOLLERUS

US/ North Dakota: listening to the heartbeat of unborn children

North Dakota has passed a "heartbeat bill", similar to an Arkansas law, to restrict abortion after 6 weeks, as part of a trend in some states to protect fetal life. SHARON MOLLERUS

BENEDICT XVI/ 3. The Resurrection of Our Lord in "Jesus of Nazareth"

SHARON MOLLERUS continues a reading of the second volume of Jesus of Nazareth, where the Pope Emeritus describes how the Resurrection of Jesus brought a new type of reality and of humanity
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