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Loredana Vuoto: Articoli scritti

Loredana Vuoto è un associato presso il Clapham Group e Presidente di Eloquence, LLC, società con sede a Washington che offre servizi per la preparazione di scritti e discorsi. Loredana Vuoto is an associate of the Clapham Group and president of Eloquence, LLC, a speechwriting and writing-services firm based in Washington, D.C.


ABORTION/ The Real Killer of African-Americans

While Obama focuses on childhood obesity, black children are lucky to make it that far. Loredana Vuoto points out the irony that blacks, whose population has been reduced over 25% by abortion, are ...

CLIMATEGATE: A threat to free speech and thought

The belief that objective scientific evidence should be presented, no matter how controversial, is not a conservative or a liberal position; rather, it is a pro-science, pro-learning position.  

U.S./ Palin for President?

Is Sarah Palin fit to lead? As the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate launches her book this month, Going Rogue: An American Life, questions abound regarding ...

WORTHY MODELS/ Saints to offset the sinners

The Vatican canonized five saints this month. In an era obsessed with celebrities the Vatican’s latest move is a refreshing exaltation of worthy individuals. Some research points to a growing ...

Iran’s war on women

When it comes to democracy and freedom, Iranian women and voters are null and void. The newly released movie, “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” takes a look at the brutal treatment of women in Iran.  

US/ Feminists’ crowning glory

Feminists always protect their own—except when it comes to supporters of Proposition 8. It appears that feminists bark loudest only when it doesn’t interfere with advancing their radical left-wing ...

HOLLYWOOD/ Quella strada che unisce aborto e Sogno Americano

Hollywood continua a sostenere l’aborto, attaccando i valori della famiglia tradizionale e l’inviolabile diritto alla vita. In Revolutionary Road, l’atteso film che ha riunito Kate Winslet e ...

HOLLYWOOD/ "Revolutionary Road" glamorizes abortion

Hollywood continues to champion abortion, assaulting traditional family values and the inviolable right to life

USA/ Obama sceglie l’aborto. Quanto gli “costerà”?

Pur avendo “corteggiato” l’elettorato religioso, nel corso delle prossime settimane, Obama probabilmente abolirà molte altre direttive a favore della difesa della vita

US/ Obama’s choice for abortion. What will the cost be?

Over the next few weeks, Obama will most likely undo several more pro-life regulations
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