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Archivio Articoli dell'Autore: Henry Miller


MALARIA/ Utterly Repellent

In the absence of effective vaccines or new anti-malarial drugs - and the funding and infrastructure to deliver them - the decision to totally phase-out DDT by the early 2020s is tantamount to ...
Henry Miller

U.S./ Feds freeze out frost antidote

Losses to American farmers from frosts average in the billions of dollars annually. In the early 1980s, scientists at the University of California and in industry devised an ingenious approach to ...
Henry Miller

FOOD/ GM wheat is on its way

Five years after scrapping its trials, Monsanto calculates that the time is now ripe for GM wheat to make a comeback, but Monsanto and the US wheat industry may already have been relegated to the ...
Henry Miller

BEYOND COPENHAGEN/ Survival Of The Fittest

Often it's wiser to try to adapt to or mitigate a problem than to try to remove its causes. In society, as in biology, survival demands adaptation. In the short term, we should focus our efforts ...
Henry Miller

DRUGS/ How Similar Are Biosimilars?

Politicians have devised various scenarios for lowering expenditures and to reduce the estimated costs of health care reform. One of these is a regulatory pathway for generic versions of a class ...
Henry Miller

HUNGER/ Hypocrisy and the U.N.

U.N. agencies, programs and policies themselves have prevented farmers in the developing world from obtaining the tools they need to become more productive. The highly politicized and excessive ...
Henry Miller

US/ Science and Technology Are Essential to Economic Recovery

No matter how effective stimulus packages and strategies may be, recovery from the present downturn will be plagued by government regulation that is damaging the ability of industry to perform the ...
Henry Miller
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