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Articles of The Dossier: Christians under Attack

COPTIC BISHOP/ Forgiving Isis

Coptic Bishop Angaelos says a Christians must forgive , even the killers from Isis and calls for united efforts on behalf of Christians and all those who are persecuted. By DANIEL PHILPOTT
Culture & Religion

LIFE/ Fr. Nagle: The lesson that is coming to us from the Middle East

The catastrophe that has overtaken our brothers and sisters in the Middle East can help us to discover the story of love that makes it possible for us to live with hope. By Fr VINCENT NAGLE
Culture & Religion

CATHOLIC VOICES/ Catholic Church urges global action to assist victims of Iraq ‘catastrophe’

CATHOLIC VOICES report on the call for international action in Iraq by Catholic Church leaders in London, Brussels and Rome and by the Vatican’s Council for Interreligious Dialogue
Culture & Religion

NIGERIA/ Father Zerai: Boko Haram hates Christians because they educate

In this interview Fr. MUSSIE ZERAI explains the strategy of the kidnappings by Boko Haram in Nigeria, which aims to subdue the population by striking schools, and how the West can respond
Politics & Society

ESSAY/ Paul Marshall: Why are Christians the most persecuted group in the world?

According to PAUL MARSHALL, Christians are the most widely religiously persecuted group in the world, and there are five major patterns to this persecution today
Culture & Religion

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS/ "We are being chased out of the Middle East: why are they afraid of ...

BACHAR AUBER is a Syrian Orthodox Christian who wants to stay in his country, despite the ongoing persecution against Christians. In an interview, here is what he told ilsussisidiario.net
From the World

AFRICAN DIARY / Fr. Gheddo: Muslim rebels are killing Christians village by village

Fr. PIERO GHEDDO, journalist and PIME missionary, reports on the situation in the Central African Republic, where the al-Qaeda guerrillas of Seleka continue to attack Christians
From the World

SYRIA/ The reason why Islamists attacked the nuns in Maalula

In this interview SAMAAN DOUAD reports from Damascus on the conflict in the Christian village of Maalula and on the situation of the nuns taken hostage by the anti-government rebels
From the World

PUTIN/ Russia's Interest in Protecting Christians in the Middle East

When Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Pope Francis on Nov. 25th, persecuted Christians in the Middle East will be central to the discussions. By EDWARD PENTIN
Politics & Society

SYRIA/"Where is the Christian Conscience?" Cries Syriac Archbishop After Massacre

According to Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama, the worst massacre of Christians in Syria since the beginning of the civil war took place last week at Sadad. By EDWARD PENTIN
From the World
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