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CRISIS/ Lorenz Wagner (Süddeutsche Zeitung): Don’t crow over a victory


In this interview LORENZ WAGNER, Süddeutsche Zeitung, highlights how a new financial crisis is still possible, because no measure has been adopted to clear up the problems at their root

The financial crisis started in the Unites States in 2008 has become a worldwide crisis which has greatly affected the whole economy. Economists are still analysing the reasons and wondering about the possible ways out


GEOFINANCE/ Europe one step away from the first financial world war

MAURO BOTTARELLI comments on the accusations leveled at Deutsche Bank and on what they mean in terms of the present situation of the Eurozone and its future.


FRANCE DOWNGRADE/ France loses the AAA

JAMES CHARLES LIVERMORE comments on the downgrade of France, the underlying causes and what the event says about the balance of power between countries in the European Union.


CRISIS/ 5 more years or is there another way?

CARLO PELANDA comments on the predictions that the crisis will continue until at least 2018, and on the plans for economic rigor put forward by the Germans, led by Angela Merkel.


FINANCE/ How the big banks have made millions with the spread

SERGIO BIANCHI comments on the use of Credit Default Swaps by the big banks, and how they avoid regulations and look after their own interests despite the crisis.


EU/ The Economic Crisis and Europe’s Rule of Law Problem

Close attention to particular decisions by European institutions and governments before and during the present economic crisis suggests that many have significantly infringed the rule of law


GERMANY/ Posselt (CSU): We want a Europe on par with China and the US

European Parliament member BERND POSSELT comments on the German Constitutional Court’s decision to uphold the ESM bailout fund, a pro-Europe measure, and what this means for Europe’s future


FINANCE/ Bernanke’s next move opens the way for the ECB

Financial analyst JAMES CHARLES LIVERMORE comments on the recent speech by Bernanke and on whether more monetary injections are in store for the American economy.


GREEK CRISIS/ Economides (NYU): Lack of leadership in the EU leading to collapse

Professor NICHOLAS ECONOMIDES discusses how Greece seems poised to leave the Eurozone, forced out by unfeasible measures, and how other countries could soon follow.


CRISIS/ The return to Paraguay from Spain

In a strange twist, the immigrants from Paraguay to Spain are now returning home because of the high unemployment in Spain, with consequences for both of the countries involved.