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Articles of The Dossier: Family

UK/ Issues Encountered by Family Carers of the Elderly

Caring for ageing parents can put a huge strain on families. However, according to ALEX INGRAM and DEBORAH STONE , there are some benefits to having a parent at home

FAMILY/ Redefinition of legal marriage and a society without children

MICHAEL HOPWOOD comments on the arguments that have been advanced about the bill proposing to change the legal definition of marriage in the UK to be soon discussed in the Parliament

UK/ Defending the Institution of Marriage

MATTHEW GROVES considers the definition of marriage and the Government's handling of the issue, the consequences for the religious organisations and the position of the Church of England

FAMILY/ The Future of Marriage

RYAN ANDERSON summarises the points that define what marriage is and why it matters for the whole society. The future of the country needs that policy gets the nature of marriage right

FAMILY/ Marriage Matters

RYAN ANDERSON underlines that long before there was a debate about same-sex marriage, there was a debate on marriage, to explain why marriage was good for men and women and their children

PARENTING/ Men Don’t Mother

Promoting “genderless parenting” contradicts what the facts show us both about the harms of single parenthood and the benefits of having a mom and a dad, as JENET ERICKSON reports

FAMILY/ What lies behind the rush to not have children

CARLO BELLIENI discusses the phenomenon in the West of having children later and later in life, the causes, the dangers and who is actually pushing for this result.

PUNISHMENT/ A father is never the owner of his son. Not even at Disney World

A father is on trial for having kicked his son. LUIGI BALLERINI discusses the education of a child, the use of physical punishment and what it means to be a parent.

MOTHERS/ The “heroic folly” of Chiara and Gloria

MONICA MONDO tells the stories of two different mothers, Chiara and Gloria, whose lives have something important to teach us about love, the family, and how to live.

FAMILY/ The Perils of Polygamy

Recent empirical research suggests that, in virtually every respect, polygamy – in fact polygyny - is socially detrimental—to society in general, to men, to women, and to children
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