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RELIGIOUS LIBERTY/ Rick Garnett: "Bigotry" v. "Sincerely held religious belief"

Richard Garnett


RICHARD GARNETT, Notre Dame University, examines the issue of religious liberty in the light of the recently vetoed Arizona RFRA proposal and, more generally, of antidiscrimination laws

Religious freedom is an issue of burning relevance, that is still subjected today to innumerable attacks. The attack on the public presence of religion in the society is yet not limited to dictatorial states, but is affecting democratic societies as well in the name of a misunderstood neutrality of the State.


RELIGIOUS FREEDOM / Shahid Mobeen: This is how schools in Pakistan teach hatred of Christians

INT. Shahid Mobeen

In this interview SHAHID MOBEEN, professor at the Pontifical Lateran University, recounts his experience in Pakistani schools and examples of discrimination against Christians


RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Fontolan: First marginalized, then eliminated

Roberto Fontolan

There are two essential aspects of religious freedom. The freedom to profess one's faith, in private and in public, and the freedom to participate in public life. By ROBERTO FONTOLAN


REPORT 2012/ U.S. Government Singles Out Egypt for Worsening Religious Freedom

Edward Pentin

EDWARD PENTIN (Terrasanta News) comments on the 2012 International Religious Freedom Report, and on the warning the US government has given about the worsening situation in Egypt


ISLAM/ Hulsman: Reciprocity is needed in treating churches in Turkey with mosques in Greece

INT. Cornelis Hulsman

CORNELIS HULSMAN, Director of the Arab-West Report, comments on the re-opening of a mosque in Thessaloniki, pointing out the need for reciprocity in treating closed churches in Turkey


US/ Our First Right: Religious Liberty

Charles Chaput

America’s founding documents assume an implicitly religious anthropology—an idea of human nature, nature’s God, and natural rights—that many of our leaders no longer share. CHARLES CHAPUT


PAKISTAN/ Minister Bhatti: I want to organize a global conference on the persecution of ...

INT. Paul Jacob Bhatti

Member of the Pakistani government PAUL BHATTI comments on the situation of Christians in Pakistan using case studies, and on his proposal for a global conference on religious freedom.


UK/ Religious freedom falls on increasingly frosty ground

Austen Ivereigh

AUSTEN IVEREIGH discusses the state of religious freedom in the UK, including recent court decisions that could discriminate against Christians in the work place.


REPORT/ Religious freedom is declining in the world, USA included

INT. Daniel Philpott

Professor Daniel Philpott shows how the decline of religious freedom can be dangerous both for the dignity of the individual person and the stability and peace of the country


OAK CREEK SHOOTING/ Singh (Sikh Coalition): After September 11 we are more subject to ...

INT. Amardeep Singh

AMARDEEP SINGH, Programs Director of the largest Sikh civil rights organization in the US, discusses the tragic shooting at Oak Creek and how it is another example of the hate Sikhs face.


US/ Chick-fil-A

Michael Sean Winters

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the Chick-fil-A controversy, on boycotting a business and on the “biblically-based principles” that the president of the fast food chain claims to follow.


VIETNAM/ A mother sets herself on fire for her Christian daughter, imprisoned by the Communist ...

INT. Bernardo Cervellera

Father BERNARDO CERVELLERA describes the situation of the Catholic Church in Vietnam, where the government has a tight grip on everything, down to each pastoral visit.


UK/ At the Door of the Temple: Religious Freedom and the New Orthodoxy

Philip Tartaglia

The new orthodoxy of secularism fails to understand that the virtues generated by religious freedom underpin and encourage a healthy democracy. PHILIP TARTAGLIA comments.


U.S./ Religious Liberty is a fact of life--and of citizenship

Robert John Araujo

If we are believers of God and the next life, we are citizens of two cities. ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO comments on this dual citizenship and what it means for politics.       


U.S./ More on religious freedom, the Bishops, politics, and the Commonweal editorial

Richard Garnett

RICHARD GARNETT discusses the Bishop’s statement on religious freedom, and whether or not it is, or can be perceived as, partisan, responding to reactions from the public.