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Articles of The Dossier: Gaza and the Palestinian Tragedy

GAZA/ The role of Egypt and of the Muslim Brotherhood in the crisis

Military analyst CARLO JEAN comments on the skirmishes between Israel and Hamas and on whether or not these raids could escalate into a war in the whole Middle East.

US ELECTIONS/ Abuhasan (Palestine): Only vain promises from Obama

WAEL ABUHASAN comments on Obama’s victory from the point of view of Palestine, focusing on how the U.S. President can help restart the peace process between Palestine and Israel.

MIDDLE EAST/ Herzog (Haaretz): Let’s not stifle the hope of negotiations

MICHAEL HERZOG comments on the statements by the President of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen and on the possibilities for further peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

EGYPT & ISRAEL/ Eid: The danger is coming from extremists in Gaza

The strong relations between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are effecting the relations between Egypt and Israel, but a serious danger is coming from the extremist groups in Gaza

ARAFAT/ Al Jazeera revamps the mystery of his death

Al Jazeera is investigating the causes of the death of Arafat, and the results are shaken up the entire Middle East. FILIPPO LANDI comments on the reactions in Palestine and Israel

PALESTINE/ Herzog (Haaretz): The Christians are leaving Gaza and the Territories

MICHAEL HERZOG comments on the recent data showing that Christians are leaving many Arab countries, and also Palestine, while their numbers are growing in Israel.

HOLY LAND/ The “folly” of the settlements that block the peace process

Robi Ronza comments on the Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory and how, both the “legal” ones and the “illegal” ones are roadblocks to peace and should be withdrawn.

ISRAEL/ Is there the risk of a new war behind Hezbollah’s missiles?

Attack on Israel coming from Lebanon. Andrea Avveduto comments on the tensions between Israel and its neighbors, threats from Hezbollah, and the risk of another war.

PALESTINE/ Herzog (Haaretz): UNESCO puts a wrench in the peace process

Michael Herzog comments on the UNESCO vote that admitted the Palestinian Authority as a full member of their organization, on reactions in Israel, and on what will happen next.

ISRAEL/ Shalit finally comes home, but now?

Israeli President Netanyahu makes a deal with Hamas: more than 1,000 prisoners will be freed in exchange for Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who was captured by Hamas five years ago.
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