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Articles of The Dossier: Gaza and the Palestinian Tragedy

GAZA/ Pro Terra Sancta: The emergency continues, the needs are huge

The two priests of the parish of the Sacred Family and six nuns are assisting children and disabled young people in Gaza, people who are in need of everything. From ATS PRO TERRA SANCTA
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GAZA/ Pizzaballa: The return of Meshaal is not good news for Palestine

Father PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA, the Custos of the Holy Land, comments on the exiled leader of Hamas’ return to Palestine in this critical period for the region.
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PALESTINE- ISRAEL/ UN recognition of Palestine as a way out of the violence

MARTA ZAKNOUN comments on the UN recognition of Palestine as a Non-Member, Observer State, news which has been received with elation by many, indignation by some, all around the world.
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GAZA/ Unfortunately a comprehensive solution seems still to be very far away

Father Pizzaballa’s statement on the situation in Gaza and the importance of the many small initiatives of dialogue and peace which show that the refusal of violence is still possible
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GAZA/ The shelling has stopped. But what will remain?

Father VINCENT NAGLE comments on the current situation in Gaza, and how it is viewed by the Christians, who disapprove of violence but also feel the desperate nature of their position.
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HAMAS-ISRAEL/ The story of a kibbutz near the border with Gaza where it rains missiles

ASA LEBEL lives near the Israel-Gaza border and his area is constantly under attack by missiles from Palestine. He comments on the current escalation of violence and hopes for peace.
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GAZA STRIP/ Emergency for the Christian community

Within the very small Christian community in the Gaza Strip there is great fear and tension. The recount of the members of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word who are in Gaza City
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HAMAS-ISRAEL/ Abuhasan: the majority of Palestinians want a treaty with Israel

Professor WAEL ABUHASAN from the West Bank comments on the skirmishes between Israel and Palestine and on what the Palestinians in general think about them and about Hamas.
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ISRAEL-PALESTINE/ Jadallah: The International Community must stop the bombing in Gaza

JAMAL JADALLAH comments on the Israeli air strikes on Gaza, the missiles going the other way, and on what the international community should do to stop the violence.
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ISRAEL/ In Tel Aviv, under the stairs, the fear of a continual war

Israeli music teacher ARNON ZACK recounts his experience of the attack on Tel Aviv by Hamas, and talks about the effects that living in constant fear has on a person.
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