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Articles of The Dossier: Immigration

ESCAPE FROM SUDAN / Prison, hunger and friends: Junior and his newfound hope

JUNIOR is a refugee from Sudan. He recounts his escape to Italy, his suffering to near death, and the encounter with a group of friends who took him back to life and hope
Welfare & Subsidiarity

UK/ Immigration: Stories, statistics and stereotyping

KATHARINE QUARMBY’s suggestion for politicians and journalists is two-fold: use statistics wisely and, secondly, before making generalisations about people, please go and talk to them
Politics & Society

UK/ The costs of bashing immigration

With the Immigration Bill going through the House of Commons in 2014, SARAH TEATHER MP discusses the costs of anti-immigration policies in the UK and across Europe
Politics & Society

US/ Immigration Reform Would Lift Immigrant Families Out of Poverty, Benefit Nation

Keeping undocumented workers in the shadows limits their ability to fully contribute to our economy and prevents them from climbing out of poverty to live in dignity. By Bp. EUSEBIO ELIZONDO
Welfare & Subsidiarity

France / Leonarda, the Kosovo girl who put Hollande in a crisis of conscience (and votes)

The story of Leonarda, a young Kosovo girl, who was removed from a school bus and expelled from France calls for a more human approach by politicians to the immigration issue
Welfare & Subsidiarity

UK/ Labour’s ‘Apprentice Tax’ Will Harm the Labour Market

ResPublica’s LORENA PAPAMANCI explains why Ed Miliband’s proposal to reduce non-EU immigration is not likely to succeed and risks failing both the Labour party and the labour market itself
Economics & Finance

EDUCATION/ Catholic schools for immigrants: A second bloodless social revolution

A move toward Catholic education for immigrants’ children would be a sign of welcome and a wise national investment for the long run. By Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Education & Schooling

US/ Immigration Reform Clears A Hurdle

Comprehensive Immigration Reform cleared its first major legislative hurdle as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-5 to send the bill to the full Senate. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Politics & Society

US/ Immigration Reform Risks to Fail, Again

SHARON MOLLERUS describes the present situation of the bipartisan attempts at reforming the immigration laws, as called for by the Catholic bishops and many other religious leaders
Politics & Society

THE UNDOCUMENTED/ A movie on the tragedy of immigration

The movie “The Undocumented” dramatically shows how migrants continue to die in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, in an effort to walk into the United States. By ALLISON SALERNO
Arts, Entertainment & Media
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