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Articles of The Dossier: Immigration

USCCB/ Comprehensive Immigration Reform Grants

CCHD, the official domestic anti-poverty agency of the USCCB, has approved special grants for nearly $1 million to prepare Catholic institutions for the prospects of reform legislation

IMMIGRATION/ Standing With Our Brothers and Sisters

As President Obama and Congress focus on immigration reform, Catholics have an opportunity to assist in fixing the current flawed system, if they stand together. KIM DANIELS

US/ Towards a bi-partisan policy on immigration reform?

LORENZO ALBACETE talks about the contacts between the parties to find an agreement on a comprehensive immigration deal, and highlights the role the Catholic Church can play in this respect

IMMIGRATION/ He Who Is Without Sin

Those who complain about illegal immigration are still morally complicit in the problem: they gladly take advantage of cheaper prices made possible by undocumented workers.

IMMIGRATION/ Obama’s amnesty

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on Obama’s recent executive order for an amnesty on deporting certain illegal immigrant children who meet certain requirements, and the reactions it has produced.

BLOND/ Some reflections on economics and immigration

Phillip Blond comments on the present economic crisis, on balancing austerity and growth, on the possibilities for the redistribution of wealth, and on immigration policy.

US ELECTIONS/ Immigrants: Legal or illegal, they are all people

Lorenzo Albacete comments on the Republican candidates’ stances on illegal immigration and the “illegals” themselves, as well as the reactions of the Democrats and President Obama.

IMMIGRATION/ Robert George: “It is hard for Americans to be hostile to immigration” (2)

Interview with Robert George on immigration continued. George talks about the assimilation of immigrants in America, the welfare state, and how natural law fits in.

IMMIGRATION/ Robert George: “It is hard for Americans to be hostile to immigration” (1)

Robert George, prominent American thinker and expert on natural law, on the topic of immigration in the United States, its history, differences from Europe, and illegal immigration.

US/ Nation of Faith, Nation of Immigrants

This essay is adapted from the keynote address Archbishop Chaput delivered this past weekend at the CALL (Catholic Association of Latino Leaders) national gathering
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