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PRO-LIFE/ Men, Abortion, Sin, and Salvation


Abortion is not primarily about the morality of men and women’s conduct, it is about the life of the unborn living human being killed by abortion. By MICHAEL PAULSEN

Modern techniques of artificial fertilisation pose many juridical and ethic problems and the concept of procreation itself is put in question. This is an issue which involves not only science, but religion, politics and the law


UK/ The foetal body-burning scandal: facing the truth of a throwaway culture

The bodies of thousands of miscarried and aborted babies have been incinerated as chemical waste in the UK. A harsh illustration of a ‘throwaway culture’. By CAROLINE FARROW


ABORTION/ Tollefsen: A Public Issue

Contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court, abortion is not a private issue. It snuffs out the existence of a member of the human community, a person like us. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN


THE UNITED NATIONS/ Caring for Children or Caring for Culture Warriors

The Committee on the Rights of the Child is correct to voice concern over sexual abuse. It should also work to protect the most basic right of a child: the right to live. Sr. MARY ANN WALSH


TEXAS/ Carter Snead: To save innocent human lives is not "religious fanaticism"

CARTER SNEAD, University of Notre Dame, comments on the Texas court decision at the request of the family, to allow the termination of therapy for Ms. Munoz, despite her pregnancy


ABORTION/ A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

“Informed choice” legislation does not impede a woman’s ability to choose abortion but it enlightens the abortion choice by making clear what it is that is being chosen. By Michael Paulsen


ABORTION/ Claire Culwell: They killed my twin sister, but I have forgiven them

CLAIRE CULWELL is a young American who survived an abortion, which instead killed her twin sister. Claire recounts her tragic experience in this interview with ilsussidiario.net


ABORTION / Brodie Donegan: The state wants to kill my daughter Zoe a second time

In this interview to ilsussidiario.net, BRODIE DONEGAN talks about her struggle to have her daughter Zoe, died in an accident before her birth, recognized as a human being by the law


EU/ The attempt to impose abortion on demand via Brussels

In October the European Parliament voted against an attempt to make abortion a “human right” in the EU and to change the way European law sees abortion. By MEGAN HODDER



The official report on the death of Savita Halappanavar focuses on the reform of national protocols for sepsis management, with no mention to the refusal of abortion. By MEGAN HODDER


IRELAND/ Waters: Some further steps closer to readily available abortion

JOHN WATERS comments on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, recently passed oin Ireland, and on how it might open several doors into a more “liberal” dispensation of abortion


NATURAL RIGHTS/ Gosnell, Law, and Modest First Steps

The Gosnell case shows us that a society’s laws teach: if they teach a lesson of injustice they will corrupt its people over time. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN


US/ The President, Planned Parenthood, and "Quality Health Care"

President Obama’s recent address to Planned Parenthood sweepingly mischaracterized abortion restrictions and pro-life views as culturally inaccurate and outdated. By ELISE ITALIANO


US/ Obama Goes to Planned Parenthood

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the speech President Obama held at Planned Parenthood, and criticizes his unconditioned acceptance of abortion “on demand”, and the resulting culture war


Gosnell/ In a Philadelphia clinic, late-term abortions were not "safe, legal or rare"

The murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell has unveiled the horrific practices of a late-term abortion clinic which were ignored by health authorities and the media until recently