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Articles of The Dossier: The right to live

IRELAND/ Waters: Some further steps closer to readily available abortion

JOHN WATERS comments on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, recently passed oin Ireland, and on how it might open several doors into a more “liberal” dispensation of abortion
Culture & Religion

NATURAL RIGHTS/ Gosnell, Law, and Modest First Steps

The Gosnell case shows us that a society’s laws teach: if they teach a lesson of injustice they will corrupt its people over time. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN
Culture & Religion

US/ The President, Planned Parenthood, and "Quality Health Care"

President Obama’s recent address to Planned Parenthood sweepingly mischaracterized abortion restrictions and pro-life views as culturally inaccurate and outdated. By ELISE ITALIANO
Politics & Society

US/ Obama Goes to Planned Parenthood

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the speech President Obama held at Planned Parenthood, and criticizes his unconditioned acceptance of abortion “on demand”, and the resulting culture war
Politics & Society

Gosnell/ In a Philadelphia clinic, late-term abortions were not "safe, legal or rare"

The murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell has unveiled the horrific practices of a late-term abortion clinic which were ignored by health authorities and the media until recently
Welfare & Subsidiarity

US/ North Dakota: listening to the heartbeat of unborn children

North Dakota has passed a "heartbeat bill", similar to an Arkansas law, to restrict abortion after 6 weeks, as part of a trend in some states to protect fetal life. SHARON MOLLERUS
Politics & Society

ABORTION/ It's Time for a New Feminism

A feminism that promotes abortion as the key to women’s freedom does not help women flourish, preserve their dignity or protect them from evils. By ELISE ITALIANO
Welfare & Subsidiarity

FORTY YEARS AFTER/ Abortion Promises Unfulfilled

Forty years after Roe v. Wade, the promise that legal abortion would guarantee fewer out-of-wedlock births, less child abuse, and lower crime rates remains unfulfilled. By MICHAEL NEW
Welfare & Subsidiarity

PRO-LIFE/ What Children Teach Us About Abortion

We can hope that the world may learn to listen to the wisdom of children, who know better than we adults that "A person's a person, no matter how small.", says pro-lifer MARY DETURRIS POUST
Welfare & Subsidiarity

ABORTION/ On the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: A Public Discourse Symposium

RYAN ANDERSON, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, points out that witness to the truth matters and persistent witness tend to bear good fruit, even if it takes 40 years and counting
Culture & Religion
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