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PUBLIC SERVICES/ A Cornered Rat Will Bite The Cat


ResPublica's DION WATTS examines what happens when the public sector is opened up to competition from the private one, an unexpected driver of innovation and enterprise in public services.

In his political agenda, British Prime Minister David Cameron has put forward the concept of the Big Society, but its origin is to be found in the principle of subsidiarity of the social teaching of the Catholic Church


UK/ Conservatism, the Big Society, and Patriotism

ResPublica Research Assistant and Conservative Councillor Tom Hunt discusses patriotism as core to civic conservatism and its role in fostering shared identity and values in Britain


BLOND/ Some reflections on economics and immigration

Phillip Blond comments on the present economic crisis, on balancing austerity and growth, on the possibilities for the redistribution of wealth, and on immigration policy.


UK/ Blue Ed, Red Dave and the new politics of preaching

The party conference season in the UK has ended, Religious ideas are shaping the new British politics – but Ed Miliband and David Cameron have different moral visions


U.K./ From the Big Society to gay marriage, Cameron’s contradictions

Conservatives meet in Manchester to discuss the problems in the UK, including human rights and gay marriage, but not all of them agree on what should be done.


UK/ Cameron’s Big Society attacked by Archbishop

Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, attacks policies on welfare and the Big Society, which are currently being advanced by Prime Minister David Cameron and the British Parliament.


UK/ Time for a co-operative budget?

A co-operative budget would encourage a more genuine, participatory model, a new co-operative manufacturing revolution, and grassroots successes, such as co-operative schools


The Future of Community: The 'Big Society' or the 'Good Society'?

The Conservative Big Society and the Labour Good Society: two models to make people and communities the protagonists of the society at the centre od a debate in London


UK/ Cameron on Islam, liberalism and multiculturalism: a brief comment

The Christian legacy historically opened up the "secular" space by both desacralising the political and creating the "Church" space of free association, that evolved into the civil society


UK/ Big Society 2.0

Matt Leach, Associate Director of ResPublica, argues that the Big Society is taking on a life of its own, transforming the relationships between people, place and state