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Articles of The Dossier: The Big Society

UK/ The Big Society will only get bigger

The Big Society represents a far more profound shift in British politics than is commonly recognised, and in a sense it is beyond left and right  
Politics & Society

U.K./ To Buy, To Bid, To Build: Community Rights for an Asset Owning Democracy

ResPublica launched a paper about new strategies to capitalise the poorest sectors of society. As a starting point it suggested six rights: to buy, to build, to try, to bid, to work, and to know
Economics & Finance

BIG SOCIETY/ Why Cameron “speaks” Italian

With reference to the presence of social subjectivities and intermediate bodies that constitute the infrastructure of the Big Society, Italy is the European leader along with England  
Economics & Finance

TEA PARTY/ Ideology and Faith

The difference between an ideology born in anger or frustration and a quest for sanctity which contributes to the life of society  
Politics & Society

A Just Society: Sanctity and Politics

Without saints a society will not be a just society. Its politics will be dominated by anger and the struggle for power. Saints are needed to make society human  
Culture & Religion

U.S./ Small business owners ready to fight

According to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, small business owners are skeptical of “help” from Washington, and they are mad at everyone -- regardless of party. This frustration at ...
Politics & Society

UK/ The 'big society' needs religion

The 'big society' will not work unless it is informed by religious ideas of free and reciprocal giving. The task for a genuinely new politics is to transform state and market according to the ...
Welfare & Subsidiarity

U.S./Unemployment Benefits Extended; Where are the Jobs?

Last week, the U.S. Senate voted to extend unemployment benefits for 2 million people out of work for over six months. But will the jobs come back?
Welfare & Subsidiarity

EXCLUSIVE/ Patti Lewis: Opening Alexandra's House gave me the privilege of serving dying and ...

Alexandra’s House offers support and care for infants with terminal anomalies and their families. Founder Patti Lewis describes her labor of love, and explains why it fills a gap in modern ...
Culture & Religion

U.K./ Cameron and His War Against Statism

If Cameron has his way, writes Mario Mauro, the U.K. in a very few years will be transformed into a veritable laboratory for subsidiarity. If he succeeds, all of Europe would do well to follow him.
Welfare & Subsidiarity
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