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Articles of The Dossier: The Middle East

MIDDLE EAST/ Bishop Shomali: This is how Francis can bring peace to Israel and Palestine

Ilsusssidiario.net has interviewed WILLIAM SHOMALI, Auxiliary Bishop and Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem, on the meeting between Pope Francis and the Palestinian President Abu Mazen
Politics & Society

SYRIA/ Unpunished or unchanged? The Pope’s response

The response around the world to the call by Pope Francis gave witness to the common feeling that the world could not tolerate the constant proliferation of violence. By Sr. EDITH BOGUE
Culture & Religion

SYRIA/ Albacete: Kerry’s careless words and the pleas of Pope Francis

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on some possible positive developments of the Syrian crisis and compares Kerry’s careless words with Popes Francis’ and John Paul II’s pleas for peace
Politics & Society

SYRIA/ Moralistic political theater

Assad bears full responsibility for using chemical weapons, but will the success of the opposition, which consists mostly of Islamist groups, better the Syrian situation? By SCOTT DODGE
Politics & Society

SYRIA/ Fisk (The Independent): Syria is exactly like Iraq

ROBERT FISK, Middle East correspondent of The Independent, analyses the possible consequences of an attack on Assad by the West, making a comparison with the unsuccessful Iraq war
Politics & Society

LEBANON/ Ghaussaoun, Omar and Ryad: faces of hope from Syrian refugee camps

In response to the Holy Father Francis’appeal for the many refugees who await help and comfort, AVSI has launched #10forSyria, a fund raising campaign, from June 17th to August 31st
From the World

SYRIA/ Ammar Waqqaf: The downfall of Assad is far from being certain

In this interview, AMMAR WAQQAF, a Syrian political activist living in the UK, talks about the situation in his country, where a possible final victory by Assad cannot be excluded
Politics & Society

Syria/ Trappist Nuns: This is the reason we decided to stay, in spite of everything

Eight years ago, four Trappist nuns chose to found a Benedictine monastery in Syria. One of them tells us of the changes the civil war has brought in the attitude of the local population
From the World

SYRIA/ The Custody of the Holy Land: A dramatic emergency

The Custos of the Holy Land, Father PIZZABALLA, highlights the increasingly dramatic situation in Syria, particularly of Christians, and calls for a concrete support to the Syrian people
From the World

MIDDLE EAST/ The Israeli Elections

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS analyses the results of the recent Israeli elections and the possible outcomes for the situation in the Middle east, particularly against the Iranian nuclear threat
Politics & Society
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