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UK/ Assisted suicide: the red flags from abroad

Gregory Daly


Lord Falconer’s bill leaves it to doctors to decide about patients’ eligibility for physician-assisted suicide, despite negative experiences in Belgium and the Netherlands. By GREG DALY

The myth of “the good death” is behind the support to euthanasia and assisted suicide, but it hides a substantial undervaluation of life. The assertion of an unlimited “right” on own life is not so dissimilar to the claim of the state to kill people through the “legal” death penalty.


UK/ Why the backers of assisted dying keep trying

Megan Hodder

Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill is the fourth attempt to legalise assisted suicide in Britain. If passed, it would endanger vulnerable individuals with terminal illness. By MEGAN HODDER


HUMAN TRAFFICKING/ Working With the Vatican Against Modern Slavery

Mary Leary

Professor MARY LEARY, CUA, comments on recent statements by Secretary Kerry and Pope Francis and underlines that combatting human trafficking requires combatting poverty and corruption


VATICAN/ Francis hosts trafficking conference organised by Church in England and Wales

Megan Hodder

MEGAN HODDER reports on the international conference held in the Vatican on the scandal of human trafficking, which is the second most profitable criminal enterprise in the world


DEATH PENALTY/ Attorney Pfister: William Happ was killed by the State, a useless "revenge"

INT. Jeffery Pfister

In this interview, JEFFERY PFISTER, a prosecutor for the State of Florida who was Happ’s attorney in the first phase of the process, explains his own opposition to the death penalty


FORGIVENESS/ A plea for mercy for Kermit Gosnell

Robert George

ROBERT GEORGE is requesting, as a pro-lifer, that Kermit Gosnell’s life be spared, albeit the heinous acts of which he stands accused probably meet the criteria for capital punishment


EUTHANASIA/ What happens when The New York Times joins forces with the Catholic Church

Andrea Staiti

ANDREA STAITI comments on the referendum in Massachusetts on “assisted suicide”, the surprising voices against it, and the progressaholics who voted in favor of it.


CANADA/ Salvation from Medical Suicide

Peter Stockland

The Supreme Court of British Colombia declared Canada’s law preventing medically delivered suicide unconstitutional. PETER STOCKLAND comments on this decision and its consequences.


REPRODUCTION/ The doctor: forcing the hand of nature can lead to malformations

INT. Salvatore Mancuso

Ethics Committee President SALVATORE MANCUSO discusses the results of recent research which found that a child born with assisted conception is more likely to be malformed.


CHILDREN/ The beauty of the unexpected

Luigi Ballerini

LUIGI BALLERINI discusses the temptation to try to predict and control everything about our lives and our children, when the person is free to act in surprising ways.


AIDS/ Rose (Uganda): A prostitute with HIV is a human being who deserves love

INT. Rose Busingye

ROSE BUSINGYE, who cares for people living with HIV in Uganda, comments on what has happened in Greece, where officials posted photos of prostitutes infected with HIV on the internet.


HIV/ WYA and AVSI: Focus on the dignity of the person


The World Youth Alliance held a conference in Rome on women’s health, focusing on HIV/AIDS, and featuring AVSI’s method of looking at the person and promoting his dignity. 


AUSTRALIA/ Assisted suicide: Is it just in the interest of the patient?

INT. Lyle Shelton

LYLE SHELTON of the Australian Christian Lobby comments on the Supreme Court sentencing a man to jail for assisting a suicide and how euthanasia can be used to further other interests.


HEALTH/ Purpose, Palliative Care, and Respect for Human Life

Adam MacLeod

ADAM MACLEOD writes on the Massachusetts doctors’ opposition to physician-assisted suicide. Aiding the deliberate destruction of human life has no place in the doctor’s job description


VALUE OF LIFE/ The strange “courage” of a woman who preferred to abandon her child

Monica Mondo

A girl crossed paths with an unknown woman, and put a bundle in her hands, who ran to the nearest house of nuns, caring for the Child Jesus, incarnate this year even more than usual