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VIA CRUCIS/ 17 years on the Brooklyn Bridge: following the cross never becomes a habit


RIRO MANISCALCO describes the Way of the Cross in New York City, where the numbers are impressive, but what really counts is the faith of those following the cross.

Easter is the memory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His Resurrection means that Jesus is contemporaneous with every moment of our future history and of each human being. The Way of the Cross intends to participate in this Event


VIA CRUCIS/ University student: Not false piety, but the concrete person of Christ

Way of the Cross in New York, in the heart of the noise and confusion of the city, testified to the fact of the death of Christ to all those who passed by. SOPHIE LEWIS describes the event. 


PHOTO/ Way of the Cross in Canada

Three accounts of the Way of the Cross in Canada on Good Friday, what happened and what it meant. Photos from Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton, Alberta. 


PHOTO/ Ways of the Cross in America

The Way of the Cross in America. Hundreds of people followed the cross across the Brooklyn Bridge, down the Magnificent Mile, to the US capitol, and in small towns across the country.



The Way of the Cross in New York City on Good Friday was a procession of Peters, all there because of the faithfulness of God’s love despite our betrayal.


The Way of the Cross in the USA / A public gesture across the country

The Way of the Cross of Communion and Liberation in the Unites States started in New York City in 1996, with less than 30 people. This year it was held in over 27 different locations across the ...


The Way of the Cross in Montreal / Competing with the traffic noise in a sunny day

This gesture has by now become a tradition, but the Way to the Cross in Montreal has to compete with the increasing level of traffic noise, as Good Friday is observed less and less.  


The Way of the Cross in New York/ Silence in the City

“What are they doing?” says one. “Who are these people?” says another. Every year, it is the same. We begin the ascent on the Brooklyn Bridge as cars and pedestrians stop in wonder at the ...


The Way of the Cross in London / Beyond the City’s Prejudice

The City historically was often at the forefront of anti-Catholic prejudice, but this year two stations of the Way of the Cross in London have been held in two beautiful churches the Anglicans ...


The Way of the Cross in Moscow: for the first time a public gesture

Never before has the Way of the Cross come to the streets of Moscow. In the circumstances of this tragic violence of Holy Week, the Way was an invitation to discover our need for forgiveness and ...


WAY OF THE CROSS / Why do we follow an exhausted man?

This is the Way of the Cross: it is to follow behind Christ. There are no preconditions to follow Him. It is enough to have that infinitesimal thread of humanity that allows us to walk and to ...


VIA CRUCIS/ 2. Washington D.C.: The Sign that transforms

At the Annual Way of the Cross in Washington, the Archbishop Wuerl said: “What does ‘take up the cross’ mean? It means the possibility of renewing the face of the earth by introducing God’s love ...


VIA CRUCIS/ 1. Ottawa: the Cross and the Tamil protesters

This year, the Way of the Cross in Ottawa was marked by a certain apprehension as a result of major demonstrations in the heart of the city - this time it was the turn of the Tamil Tigers. But ...