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PHOTO/ January 10: League of Nations (1920) and United Nations (1946)

The League of Nations was formed on January 10, 1920, during the devastation of World War I, and the United Nations had its first meeting on the same day in 1946. See the photo gallery here
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PHOTO/ Chagall and his “Four Seasons” mosaic

See photos of the “Four Seasons” mosaic by Marc Chagall, found in the Chase Tower Plaza in Chicago, and made of thousands of glass and stone tiles forming beautiful and colorful scenes
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PHOTO/ Hanukkah: the miracle of the lasting oil

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah, celebrated this year from December 8-16, commemorates the successful rebellion of the Jews against the Syrian King and the miracle of the oil in the menorah
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PHOTO/ Santa Claus’ feast day

See photos of Saint Nicholas, the saint who was the inspiration for the modern Santa Claus, in art on the day of his feast day, the day he died, December Sixth.
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PHOTO/ 100 year anniversary of Albanian Independence

100 years ago today, Albania declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire after five hundred years and after a seven month long revolution. See photos here.
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PHOTO/ JFK Assassination Anniversary

Photo Gallery commemorating John F. Kennedy, the 35th US President, on the anniversary of his assassination, which took place on November 22, 1963. See photos here.
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PHOTO/ Anniversary of the father of modern sculpture: Auguste Rodin

See photos of the works of sculptor Auguste Rodin, considered the father of modern sculpture, on the occasion of the anniversary of his birth (172 years ago) and death (95 years ago).
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PHOTO/ Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

In 1956, the Hungarian people revolted against the Communist Party, controlled by the Soviet Union. See the photo gallery of the important fight for freedom and democracy.
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PHOTO/ All Saints' Day in Art

Tomorrow is All Saints’ Day in the Roman Catholic Church, a day to commemorate the holy, known and unknown, and to pray for them to help us. See art depicting the saints here.
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PHOTO/ Over Niagara Falls in a barrel

Photos of the beautiful and powerful Niagara Falls and of Annie Edson Taylor, who was the first person to go over the perilous waterfalls in a barrel, exactly 111 years ago today.
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