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Interviste a: Peter Rogers

Peter Rogers is the Head of the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. After doing degrees in biology (BSc) and experimental psychology (MSc) at the University of Sussex (1972-1976), he worked in teaching and research at the Universities of Leeds and Manchester (1976-1990). He completed a PhD on eating behaviour at the University of Leeds in 1983. Between 1990 and 1998 he served as Head of Psychobiology in the Consumer Sciences Department, Institute of Food Research, Reading. He joined the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol, as Senior Lecturer in 1999. He was Head of Department during 2001 to 2004 and was promoted to Professor of Biological Psychology in 2003. He is currently a Chartered Psychologist, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a Registered Nutritionist.

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