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Interviste a: Francesca Marino

Francesca Marino collabora come giornalista free lance con numerosi quotidiani e riviste italiani (Il Messaggero, l’Espresso, Limes). Specializzata sull’Asia meridionale, Marino ha pubblicato “L’India in cento immagini” (Laterza, 2007) e, più di recente, “Apocalisse Pakistan – Anatomia del paese più pericoloso del mondo” (Edizioni Memori, 2011). Francesca Marino is a South Asia expert, a free-lance journalist and a writer. She writes for Limes – Italian Review of Geopolitics, for the daily Il Messaggero and the weekly L’Espresso and gives speeches and lectures at universities and other organisations all over Europe. She is the only female journalist to have interviewed, in person, Mohammed Hafeez Saeed, Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief, in March 2010. She wrote her first book on India (India in 100 immagini – laterza editions) in 2007 and recently in April 2011, with Beniamino Natale, a book on Pakistan called “Apocalisse Pakistan” – Memori editions. "Apocalypse Pakistan - Anatomy of the most dangerous country in the world" analyzes the political situation of Pakistan, a country that is a "key ally of the West in the war on terrorism," but also the state in which they hid and still hide the leaders of international Islamic terrorism.

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