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LOVE STORY/ Patti Lewis Has Devoted Her Life to Dying Infants and Their Families

"God finally placed before me a man who could have been 'the one'. But he also placed little Alexandra before me with a plea to: 'help me save my babies.' I chose the path I couldn’t resist, the most unlikely: dying and unwanted babies. I knew this would be the greater love story." Read Patti Lewis' incredible journey of devotion here.

Sisters welcome the newest member of the family. At Alexandra's House the sickest of infants are recognized as a precious gift.Sisters welcome the newest member of the family. At Alexandra's House the sickest of infants are recognized as a precious gift.

In the late 1980’s I had a life to die for: a successful career and a bright future. Only one thing was missing: I wanted to be married and have a family. I was so sure children were to be part of my life that I believed it could happen even late in my life, in spite of biologic absolutes.

In this seemingly perfect life, a spiritual component was totally absent. Though baptized Catholic at the age of ten, I rarely attended church. A love of Mary, whom I’d heard about as a child in Catholic school, was my only devotion. She was a Mother and I could relate to a Mother’s love. Whenever I had a pressing need, I turned to her. Then, once my concerns faded, it was back to carefree fun. And if you wonder what I mean by that, pull out a list of the 10 commandments; I repeatedly offended most.

At one point in my life, I passed a Catholic church on my commute to work. I hardly noticed it until something within me began to bid me to come inside. My interpretation of this inner movement was guilt, so for a long time I just kept driving. But the pestering didn’t stop until at last I begrudgingly pulled my car into the parking lot. Sitting in that empty Church that day was the beginning of my relationship with God. There I first felt Him say, “believe” into my heart. The journey that ensued led me to confession, Mass, and on pilgrimage to Medjugorje as a youth group leader.

I went to enjoy the time working with children, and to tour Europe, but instead during the trip I was filled with a deep and wonderful love for Jesus. My heart was transformed.

It was June of 1991. I was a new creature. My old life, interests, and needs no longer existed, and I didn’t miss them. Where before, Jesus had been a stranger to me, suddenly I was engulfed in the most amazing love I have ever known. All I can surmise is that Mary, Our Beloved Mother, quietly stepped aside and presented her Son to me. He became in that moment, and still remains, the love of my life. I fell in love with Him, and began to treasure his sacrificial gift on the Cross, and to adore him Eucharistically.

In Medjugorje I left behind the whole suitcase of clothes, shoes, and jewelry I had brought to adorn myself on what I thought would be a fun vacation in Europe. God gave me a new desire for simplicity and otherworldly riches.

As my conversion continued, and my relationship with Him deepened, I placed my desire for a family at Jesus’ feet. If marriage was not to be, then I asked Him to open the door to something else.