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ESAMI DI STATO 2011/ Maturità, seconda prova, liceo linguistico, tema di Inglese (testo letterario), le soluzioni alle tracce ufficiali

Foto: ImagoeconomicaFoto: Imagoeconomica


A woman, probably a mother, is just reaching the end of a story she is reading to her son, James. While she is reading, she is thinking about her other children and worrying about what could be happening to them while they are not under her eye. When she finishes the story, James looks out the window and sees the light of the lighthouse, where he really wants to go. The mother fears that he will ask her if they are going the next day because she is afraid to disappoint him by telling him that the trip has been cancelled. She realizes that the trip is important to him and that he will probably remember his disappointment at not going for the rest of his life. She is relieved when James is called away to bed, and she can finally be alone. She wants to simply sit and be herself, separate from all other people, and separate from the thinking and doing of the day.


Do you ever happen to feel the need to be silent and alone, almost “invisible to others”? What do you do in such cases? How do you react? Write a 300-word paragraph on the topic by referring to your experience.